Melancholy of Millennial-s


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“When you know the impact of little expenses, you will realize that there is nothing little in this world”, -Manoj Arora

With that note I would like to begin with the talk of the town, product of socialism, ‘Millennials’. As per the Pew Research Center, anyone who belongs to the age bracket of 23 – 38 years is termed as millennial.

Mighty Millennials!

Now, let us dive into this dynamic cohort, the largest generation by far in the global workforce, population & electorate. Futurum Research claims that 1 out of every 4 persons is a Millennial. That might give you the glimpse of how big, millennial can make anything or vice-versa.

We often talk about the future, developments in the years to come. That has been our approach in dealing things, taking care of the future, as per Deloitte Global Millennial Survey Millennials aren’t the future, they’re the present. This single statement says a lot!

If you’re one of a kind, you might be surprised by the attention offered by the businesses towards you. They’re having a full fledged R&D team designing products just for you, you’re the biggest perhaps. Essentially bigger than ever. 

How It Feels

Let’s dig deeper, we will get a better sense. The most tech savvy ever, millennial have lower incomes therefore lesser wealth which makes them poorer than their parents at comparable age.

Debt: Killer of All Dreams

Living costs are outpacing income growth. The Bank of America, in its report states that 76% of the Millennials carry some sort of debt, whether Credit card or Student Debt.

That translates into more than 3 out of 4 people having exposure to debt, which is indeed the killer of euphoria. If you think money is the top source of stress amongst them, you might be right.

32% of them worry about funding their children’s expenses, as per Mintel's Report which justifies enough why adults are deferring marriages & parenting. Household, medical, education.... the list just goes on. To service these costs, millennial make meager amount of money.

In your wildest dreams, can you even imagine that the largest generation perhaps suffering the most misery, it happens gradually & is ensued by many factors, few?

1. Rising income inequalities

2. Insular governments

3. Almost no societal safety net

When you’re given a front seat in times of crisis, it’s natural that your journey is not a peaceful one; something like such applies to Millennials as well.

Cost of Living

I’ll try my best in explaining the contagion of life, when most of your income exhausts in meeting household & education costs. You tend to put other daily living costs on Credit Cards. As & when you opt for a credit card, you need to pay for using it.

Now, you were managing your necessities arduously, the credit card installments, do nothing but exacerbate the situation.

Consequently, more stress of not making enough money, not being able to meet bills regularly, getting into more & more debt going forward. This is the real pain, life brings along! No wonder why financial success is defined as being debt free.

History of Millennials

Crisis I was referring to, can be replaced by Global Financial Crisis of 2008, now when you’ve barely begun & got laid off, how can you manage your expenses!

Yes, history shapes you; Millennials learned this lesson in very initial stages of their career. Any crisis also has an aftermath, which stays for relatively longer period.

Beyond Stereotypes

You cannot put all the eggs in one basket, therefore presuming every person of this stupendous generation being anxious with their earnings & expenses is so wrong!

Everybody goes through some kind of adversary in their lives, they deal with it. So, there are certain stars, let’s acknowledge them. People who know their worth, save small portion of their income consistently, love their work are the ones, who emerge as the greatest! 


As Roger Crawford says “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional”. Adversaries are the way of life, they make your life happier, given you have whatever it takes!

Written by – Manvinder Arora

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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