"Take Time to Read All the Books Around You." - Hemant Rai

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1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

I will be able to fill it just enough by not saying anything special, that hardly anyone in my family or family would have ever thought about writing. Since the middle-class family and society were always concerned, only focused on reading.

But when you roast maize grains, you come out here and there with some puffs, just understand that I am the maize grain right there.

2. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

Nothing like this had ever been decided whether to become a writer.
I was just doing what I enjoyed doing. Science always seemed to have a mind, or I would say it was fun. He also graduated from Biology.

Then joined the theater after a time. 

Now while doing colorwork, he also studied a lot. What was most important was reading. Stories, dramas, novels of many writers, sometimes about themselves and their ideas. How many times do these people write to try to find out where they come from, such amazing ideas? 

After a long time, it was found that all this is what we live, feel, or is happening somewhere around. We would just ignore it. When I came to Rangmanch here, one thing was first learned was to 'Observe'. That right there proved to be a milestone. But why did I start writing, for this I would say, "I like to keep my point by writing more than saying anything."

3. Is it a financially stable career?

Whenever the writer is talked about, a picture of a person wearing a Khadi kurta in front of the eyes sitting in a chair with a pen and pan, writing something, begins to emerge. Which seems almost poor to see. Everyone believes this, and it was so. It would not be wrong to say this. 

But maybe it is not so now, so there are many writers in the market, but there is still a shortage of good writers. But it depends on you what you want if you want to earn money with fame by writing, and only want to make it a means to make a living, then you have to work hard continuously. Will have to keep writing continuously.

4. Who is your favorite writer and why?

I think that taking the name of one in the matter of writing will be a question of the authorship of the rest.
Since, if you read any major writer, all will look different from each other, yet very attractive. The reason also is that everyone writes differently from each other. In their own way.I think everyone has their own way.

Now, if the authorship of a writer reaches one's inner being then no one. Because, if you write something like that which you have ever lived, then it reaches you. They are the best for you. Therefore, do not read anyone's writer.

5. Where does your inspiration lie?

As already mentioned, I like to write more than I say. And that is because, on social media, all that one gets to read is a good idea or a joke in the streets, in the name of a stupid (vulgar and indecent) joke or writing.
Which has an impact on people very quickly? So I think why should I write something that reaches everyone, rather than is a 'slut'.

6. What does your typical day look like?

For the past few months, like everyone else, I am still locked at home. Therefore, apart from doing basic work every day, time is spent in writing, writing, and writing. Perhaps if you laugh even knowing that it will not be a bizarre thing, that for me this lockdown time is also reduced.

7. What piece of advice would you like to give to future aspiring writers?

Take as much time as possible and read all the books around you.
Without thinking about what you will get from it because when you get it, you will be amazed yourself.

And second, that as much as possible, feel each event happening around you. And write in your own way. Because no one can write about what you can write. Because he has felt his.

8. Which is your favorite book and why?

As you have been advised by others, read it. I follow the same thing myself. Read whatever you get. Read and study.

- Hemant Rai, Writer

- Interviewed by Shilpy Sharan

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