"Temporary Failures Leads to Permanent Successes" - Arzoo G Sharma

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1. Tell us more about your company and your journey.

Adayein, it started in 2012. I was fascinated with the idea of owning a “Clothing Store” , But I Knew Nothing Of This Line but Burning Desires Never Go Waste And Are Always Answered Eventually I Found A Man Who Was Already Working With Clothing Brands And Helped Me Set Up My Own! Adayein Is My Dream Come True Project. I Started With A Small Store Out Of The Main City. 

Today We Have A Store In The Most Prime Location Of Our City Beautiful, Chandigarh!

2. How did you come up with this idea and go about executing it?

One Of My Friend’s Father Had the Apparel Store, I Would Really Imagine What all I would do if I had a store like that, it didn’t happen overnight. It took time, but it happened and it just kept getting better with time. 

When I look back, I know how far we have come! Know what you want, do want you want, be persistent. Persistence get you what you strongly desire.


3. What has been your biggest challenge that you faced and how did you overcome that?

Actually I Can’t Think Of Any Big Challenge; Everything Just Kept Happening At The Right Time. You keep Getting Better with Time; you learn more & More as You Move Ahead. 

I Feel I Was Meant To Do this, I Was Meant To Be An Entrepreneur, I Was Meant To Sell Apparels to The World.


4. What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur?

  1. Treat Your Clients The Way You Want Yourself To Be Treated.
  2. Accept Customer Review With Positive And Never Stop Working On Your Brand.
  3. Appreciate The Employees And Work As A Team. We All Seek Appreciation. It Motivates Us To Work Harder.
  4. Giving Certain Targets to the Employees So That They Have a Motive in Life.


5. What are some of the most important factors for running a successful business?

  1. Being Professional
  2. A Team of Optimistic Employees.
  3. Never Giving Up. Temporary Failures Leads to Permanent Successes.


6. What are your tips for first time and aspiring entrepreneurs?

  1. Choose Your Profession For You!
  2. Do What You Love to Do Would Always Be The First Condition If You Want To Be Successful.
  3. For Entrepreneurs Who Are Dealing With Clothing I Would Suggest Not Piling Up A-Lot Of Stocks for The Next Season, Trends Change!
  4. Be Happy With What You Have But Not Satisfied, Ask & Work For More.
  5. Never Stop Getting Better, Learn More About Your Profession. Don’t do It Just for Money (Money Is Important) But Do It for Showing Your Real Potential and Become a Master at What You Do.


7. How can one overcome a hurdle of lack of funds when starting up?                                                                     

It’s All about Management. Depends From Work To Work.

Have A Definite Plan Before You Set Up, Make Amendments If Needed And Work According To That. This Works Every-time For Me


8. Which is your favorite book and why?

The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard. Knowledge is Power. Any Book That Teaches You To Think Correctly Is A Good Book!


Interviewed By - Kirti Wadhwani

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