Top 5 Inventions That Changed the World


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Human Beings have evolved over the years facing every kind of climatic conditions, surviving the fury of nature and eventually adding new skills to their lifestyles, marching ahead.

But such kind of evolution wouldn't have been possible without the things that shaped the entire world and its mankind.Yes, today we'll talk about 5 such inventions that completely changed the world and so is a contributor to us living our modern life.


Could this be at any other position?

Of course not, provided this was the first and most important invention of all time. Before that, humans were severely incapable of carrying out any transportation activities.

With the wheel being invented and consequently the axel, the whole combination simplified most of the activities for primitive human beings and it became changing their day to day living habits.


2.The Compass


If the wheel was on land than the compass was the most significant invention ever being done for Water! Earlier the mariners used to navigate by stars, but they got to face actual problems on dark and cloudy nights the voyage was not safe every time.

So, sometime back between the 9th and 11th century, the Chinese built the compass out limestone which used to tell basic directions for sailors to navigate.

Over the years, it eventually got modernized and even with all the technological advancements, a compass is a necessary item in any emergency kit!


3. The Printing Press

It can be easily said that this was the invention that shaped the entire literature of the world, making knowledge available to the masses. Earlier people use to write on rocks and clothes to pass on the messages or to read something, but that was also a privilege only a few could enjoy.

Johannes Gutenberg invented this magical machine in the year 1440 and rest is history.


4. Light Bulb


The invention that automatically improved man's productivity!

Until the 18th century, people could only work during the day time as the darkness in the night never allowed them to work beyond a few hours. Finally, in 1879 Thomas Elva Edison came to the rescue and invented the first-ever light bulb based out of filament.

This coupled with the initiating of electricity in homes brought out a significant change in human lives.


5. Penicillin


Last but certainly not least, this was a life-saver! To let you know the importance of it, you can compare penicillin to the COVID-19 vaccine which everyone is eagerly waiting for!

Human bodies were not that immune around 100 years ago to fight with new kind of viruses that would enter their bodies due to any reason. Millions of people used to die due to lack of fighting ability of the body.

But in 1928, an accident or a miracle that happened in the lab of Dr. Alexander Fleming gave the world, what it was waiting for so long. The vaccine that could fight various bacterial infections without harming the human body.

Written by – Harshit Sharma

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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