Why You Must Watch Shark Tank

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Imagine having a business idea or a product, but you don't have the money or the expertise needed to bring the product to the market. Disheartening, isn’t it?. This problem found a solution with the show, 'Shark Tank'. In this American reality television series, entrepreneurs make presentations for investment to a pane of investors known on the show as 'sharks.' This show is resplendent of the American dream. The show has been running for the last eleven years and has allowed hundreds of entrepreneurs to earn millions of dollars.

I would list down the reasons why you should start viewing it right away for those who haven't watched Shark Tank.


The Dream Set of Investors

Shark Tank has a star-studded cast of investors namely

Mark Cuban, an entrepreneur, and owner of Dallas Mavericks)

Kevin O'Leary, a Canadian businessman, author, television personality and politician

Daymond John, an author, investor, and a motivational personality

Lori Greiner, an entrepreneur, television personality and inventor

Barbara Corcoran, an American businesswoman, speaker, author and consultant

Robert Herjavec, a Canadian businessman and investor

The show has also had guest appearances of eminent personalities like Richard Branson and Maria Sharapova.


The Negotiations at the Shark Tank Is a Real Learning Experience

The contestants come in with a glorious valuation of their companies and get severely ridiculed by the sharks. Everyone thinks very highly of his/her business. However, there have been rare instances where the sharks have agreed to invest based on the valuations that the contestants come up with. There are a significant bargain and negotiations where the sharks and the two parties often have to meet in the middle. The art of negotiation is at its best display on this show.

The Opinion of the Sharks Is Sheer Invaluable

The sharks on the tank come with years of experience, along with millions of dollars. They have seen what succeeds in the market, what it takes to succeed, and how these businesses can thrive. Every presentation is followed by a discussion where the sharks voice their opinions about the products and the idea; they speak about the loopholes and also appreciate the excellent work done. Not all presentation son Shark Tank gets a deal. But they are sure to get the opinions and advice of the sharks, which is priceless.


The Presence of Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary

These two sharks have a very different approach to making their investment decisions. You can often see them getting into heated arguments with the other sharks. These sharks are vocal and say everything on the face of the contestants, be it good or brutal. And their thumb rule - when they speak, you listen.


There Is No Other Show Like This

The star cast of these sharks or the uniqueness of it, no other investment shows match its greatness. Though there have been attempts to match what happens on this Shark Tank, these attempts have never been at par with this show.


It Is a Home of Ideas

When you see others make a product out of simple yet unique ideas, you will believe that anything that solves an existing problem is a solution and can be a product. You will be surprised by some ridiculous ideas making millions of dollars. This is sure to give you the confidence and the push needed to give your entrepreneurial dream a kickstart.


The Art of Collaboration and Coordination

Often multiple sharks make an investment offer in collaboration as they each understand the uniqueness and the effectiveness of such partnerships. Also, the Sharks sell themselves to the presenters by justifying how the presenter's product matches some products in the shark's portfolio, which the shark can leverage if a deal is made with him.

All said, the show and the stories it has to tell is always a learning curve. Shark Tank airs at 9:00 pm ET on ABC Network and Colors Infinity. It is also available on OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Voot.

Written by - Harshit Somani



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