"Your Goal Must Be Something You Have Always Loved." - Mrinmoy Dutta Choudhury

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I come from the small town of Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh. I have been all over the country for my education and work, Vizag, Chennai, Mysore, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, to name a few.

Having worked for over 7 years in the IT industry, I am currently a student again, doing my master’s in Dublin, Ireland. And to be frank, I remain unsure of what next!

2. What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?

I was never someone who would like to stay home or be stuck at a place. I always used to click a lot of pictures everywhere I went. Instagram was fairly new then, and I switched from Facebook to Instagram, solely because I found Instagram the best way to make my clicks reach a larger audience. 

Also, it was the best way I would have known about a lot of hidden treasures, places that are not cliché. I am someone who would trek and travel a lot but did not have a camera or the imagination to capture what I see in a way I would have liked to.

Because with Instagram, the reach factor is so good, I was able to come across some brilliant travelers, photographers; their travel stories and photographs influenced me to take up travel photography a bit more seriously. I got myself a camera while making the most out of my mobile phone at the same time.

I started traveling a lot more than usual, near and far. My Instagram page is all about my travel tales, photos I have captured over time. 

3. What does travel feel like to you?

It is probably the only thing I am sure about, means almost everything to me. I do not stick to or rely on a fixed set of ppl when it comes to traveling. Usually, what happens is you have a certain set of people you want to travel with, however, that is not always possible. So, I decided I was not going to miss out and started traveling with anyone who was willing to tag along.

I have also done a few solo trips, treks with a complete set of strangers and they were all super fun. Travel inculcates in me, a sense of peace, relief, be it a trek, a road trip, or anything. I feel I am the best version of myself when I am traveling.

4. Being a travel photographer, how would you spice up your traveling portfolio to avoid monotonous photos?  

With so many travelers and tourists around, for another picture not to be monotonous, I personally play around with the approach and subject. There is a lot that can be done to give every picture, a touch of something new. 

In addition to that, editing tools provide ample options to give a different touch, meaning, and perspective to every photograph. I prefer clicking the journey more than the destinations, for they are already well known.

5. What do you think influences consumer behavior?

A lot of things. Consumer behavior is an evolving process and is subject to change every now and then. Some of the major factors that influence consumer behavior are the background of an individual, the status of their family, and cultural differences. 

The decision-making process is greatly influenced by the way any product is advertised. Also, the spread through word of mouth is pivotal. Buying behavior has a lot to do with individual preferences, previous experiences, socio-economic status, age, and is greatly influenced by an individual’s profession and the environment he or she is in. 

6. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

It is really necessary to take smaller steps before you reach the bigger goal. It is of utmost importance not to remain under any sense of pressure. Your goal must be something you have always loved, which means that the road leading to it must be an exciting one. It is important to be happy in the present day. 

That is pretty much my mantra, happiness, and peace always while keeping an eye and making progress towards the eventual goal. 

7. How can someone become a successful social media influencer?

I am not sure, whether I have influenced many with my content. However, I have received a lot of love, which I never expected. The key is to stay connected and active because you do lose out on people if you are not active.

Post relevant stuff, interact with people who text, help anyone who seeks your advice. But, while you do all that, it really is very important to stay humble and grounded. Do not be someone you are not in real life. Make friends and appreciate any good work you come across. 

Social media is a great platform to showcase your talent and you grow only when there are interactions and a lot of it. 

8. Which is your favorite book and why? 

Now, this one has something to do with my first love, Cricket. I do not read a lot of books, but most books I have read are either about geography or sports. It sounds boring, doesn’t it? My favorite book remains to be the autobiography of AB De Villiers. I am just a huge fan.

- Mrinmoy Dutta Choudhury
(IG: imrinmoy_)

Interview by: Anurag Jaiswal

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