Astounding Prospects of Taking Mathematics as Your Undergraduate Major

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One of the major dilemmas many students face after completing their senior secondary education is what subject should they undertake as their undergraduate major. This is majorly due to the wide array of options available now. But what’s more problematic is the misconception that revolves around taking subjects like mathematics as your major is a lack of career opportunities. The majority of people consider doing a major in mathematics only if they wish to undertake teaching as their profession. 

Mathematics is interesting and has plenty of career opportunities. Don't believe me? Let's try to prove it.


Let us assume to the contrary that mathematics is just calculations and boring proofs and theorems. 

1. Every Aspect of the Subject Targets to Amplify Your Skillset

  • Analytical and Logical Aptitude

Mathematics helps to build up your logical reasoning and analytical skills. Calculations and problem statements help to train your brain with fast and quick problem-solving. They help you gain a different and varied perspective. It serves you with the ability to reason specifics that are naturally considered as given. 

  • Varied Skill Set

You learn to pay attention to all details and assumptions in a given problem or situation. Besides, you learn to break down a difficult or complicated problem into a series of steps. Proofs and theorems help you train yourselves with allocating and utilizing your resources properly and manipulating statements to work them out. This boosts analytical and critical thinking skills simultaneously which are highly valued soft skills.

  • Plethora Of Fields

Moreover, mathematics also involves subjects ranging from financial mathematics to probability and statistics. The applications vary from cryptography to graphs, to so much more. In fact, there is more applied mathematics than people are aware of. What makes mathematics even more interesting is the blend of both applied as well as abstract mathematics.

  • Applications

Mathematics finds its application in almost every field of study. Simultaneous linear equations can be easily solved with the help of software designed based upon the simple concept of matrix. This is especially useful in carrying out typical problems of physics and engineering.

Many universities and colleges consider mathematics as a compulsory subject while admitting students for economics as statistical mathematics plays a vital role in its study. Almost every engineering college also includes mathematics as a compulsory subject in the curriculum and it is taught mostly during the first year. 

2. Career Opportunities

Recruiters and job employers nowadays look for skills rather than your course. In such a scenario maths graduates do get a lot of opportunities due to the demand for analytical, logical as well as number-crunching skills. But since you need to work to achieve anything, the same goes for building a career in any field. Hence you need to undertake internships and gain the required knowledge for the career you wish to opt for.

  • Data Analytics or Interpretation

Many mathematics undergraduates get a career in data analytics, data science, and machine learning as they are well versed with numbers and analysis. One should be well versed in programming languages such as Java, Python, and database management systems such as SQL. You can gain these skills by undergoing an online course, which is a popular option right now. 

  • Masters in Mathematics and Research

You can do masters in mathematics and undertake the teaching path. Don’t wanna do that, no worries. You can go for an MBA and explore the different fields. You can even do a master’s in Economics or computer applications. The field is wide open for you to explore. 

All these options further have different roads ahead and offer a promising career. There is a good scope and money in the field of Research as well. Focus on your academics from the start as well as always try to widen your horizons in terms of the concepts that you study in case you want to go for further research. 

  • Consulting

Most consulting firms look for mathematics students for employment along with others. In fact, they look for people with analytical orientation. Since people with mathematics and computer science background and they possess tremendous problem solving and logical skills. To have a better chance at landing a job at a big consultancy firm you need to showcase that you can solve practical, real business problems. Solving case studies and getting acquainted with the same will help in the long run.

  • Finance & Investment Banking

Working and improving your skill set according to your goal can help you get a career in finance and investment banking too. Investment Banking firms look for great financial modeling skills. If the stock market fascinates you, try to get in-depth of it and understand the ins-and-outs of it. 

You can even participate in some Stock market simulation and Stock Pitch/Recommendation competitions. They help you to test the acquired skills and one always gets to learn something new from others. You can also keep Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) as a possible career option too.

  • Actuarial Sciences

One of the most popular and highly paying career options is actuarial science. It is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance, and other industries and professions. Actuaries apply rigorous mathematics to model matters of uncertainty. However, the level of difficulty is also high and needs proper preparation.

Several papers are required to be cleared to be qualified as an actuary. You can know more about Actuarial Science by clicking here.

  • Government Jobs and Civil Services

There are several opportunities that a mathematics graduate can opt for in the public sector. One can apply to different jobs in UPSC, SSC, Indian Forest Services, Public Sector Bank, Indian Defence, etc. Also by appearing for the UPSC examination the candidate can apply for IAS, IFS, IPS, and other central government services. However, you need to prepare with utmost dedication to get into one of these prestigious positions.


By the above-mentioned points, it can be deduced that mathematics builds up several sequential and rational skills and offers a variety of corporate and government sector career opportunities.

To strengthen our proof, we can see how math impacts our everyday lives in this article.

This contradicts our assumption that mathematics is boring and only those who wish to become a professor should take the subject.

Our assumption is cleary false as you can see.

Hence Proved :)

If you want to know the career options that a commerce graduate can pursue, this article will serve the case.

Written By- Bhanu Jain

Edited By- Neha Kundu

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