“Balance Is Important but Sometimes It Affects People Financially” - Reshma Chugh

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Born and brought up in HK, studied in UK, started a banking career, realised not my passion went back to pursuing psychology degree and masters.

Broke the stigma and what was expected from me being asian, not the career your parents value highly but had to follow my passion.Best decision i had made for myself. still in love with my job everyday.

2. What led you to take up this career path?

I took a psychology class at school and loved that there was a better and more long term way to help people and understand humans at a deeper level and to connect at that level.

3. What are some common myths in the society about psychology?

Some common myths are as follows

- it will get better with time
- no need to talk to strangers
- nothing wrong with you... you are not crazy
- be strong
- shows weakness when you have issues or when you want to talk to a psychologist

4. How can people practice mindfulness?

 There are several ways:

- breathing techniques
- yoga
- spending time in nature with no music on 
- go to seaside and have your feet on the ground ... grounding technique or on the grass
- i did sadh gurus course from Isha Foundation when he came to HK and it helped me personally. Everyone should find what resonates with them and not follow the herd.
- many apps to help with mindfulness too

5. What are your tips for people who want to practice this profession?

It's a wonderful career , make sure you first enjoy it to work on your own issues, go see a psychologist counsellor to work through your own issues and see how the process works. You have to be comfortable accepting your own issues and work through them. It feels liberating

6. Is work life balance a myth or reality according to you?

This is personal and depends on each situation. Balance is possible but sometimes it affects people financially. So they need a good support system to help them achieve that.
- you have to prioritise what's important at that stage of your life
- long term you will have to do it. the earlier you work on it the better.
but yes achievable 

7. How according to you can one manage stress?

Many different ways and everyone has different methods that work for them

-  good social support
- exercise
- adequate sleep
- speak to a counselor
- take time off to do a hobby that you enjoy weekly
- mindfulness
- just simple breathing exercises that I teach my clients

- Reshma Chugh

Interview By - Anshika Sharma

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