“Being a Common Man Connects an RJ With His Audience”- Dr. Nayan Shree

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1. Tell us about your background and journey. 

I am a passionate woman, always dreamt of being someone who is unlike the others around. Since being a young girl I have believed in “Dream Big, Wok Hard” policy. My childhood dream was being a doctor. Beyond all the hurdles I could achieve it having a degree in Ayurveda.

Life changes with every choice you make – my life also did. Being a very enthusiastic and talkative (as mentioned by my kith and kin) I was into media world since I was a student. My full-fledged media career began when I started working as an RJ at All India Radio.

More than just being an RJ it was fun meeting a bunch of passionate and likeminded friends. Along with presentations on Radio programs the offline programs that bought us closer to public was of immense experience. Interacting with School students on their career choices was one of my best days that I would love to go back to.

Hand in hand I had to take up my higher studies- I could complete my Masters in Public Health that widened my view on Public life. My job as an Epidemiologist in Government sector added to my presentations on air.

Since my RJing began I have hosted health shows on Air, post my Masters my presentation skills improved and were more public oriented. Today it’s been 6 years and it has always been a happy place. The program on Youth inspiration that introduced me to a new young achiever every week inspired me as a person.

2. Why did you choose RJ ing as a career?

RJing was a passion to me as I always worked as a Medical Officer. My love for music made me an RJ. Down the lane, I realized RJing is much more than music. Precision of our vision increases with understanding our passion more. 

The interactions with my seniors at work helped me understand the intensity of the impact that a radio program can bring in the audience. My presentations were molded accordingly. Today after years of interactions on air I know the importance of public speaking as a mean of behavior change, in turn, the change in flow of thought and hence life as a whole.

3. What challenges do you face during live calls? 

Interaction with a stranger is always a challenge. Unpredictable questions posed are always the ones that test your knowledge at its best. It teaches management skills. I remember not presenting shows for 2 months on air for a mistake that a caller committed on my show. RJs are held responsible for the mistakes that are committed by any one on their show.

4. What skills are required to be a Radio Jockey? 

Any job demands passion, interest to learn a new skill every day, commitment, and basic technical knowledge to handle gadgets. With passion and continuous learning, any one can excel in their performance.

5. Does one also need to be technologically savvy in your favorite?

Present day trend is such that technology dominates every walk of life. Hence it demands one to have a fair knowledge of technology to ease their work.

6. What makes a person connect with their audience as an RJ? 

“Being a common man connects an RJ with his audience”. A wave of comfort is created between people when they feel they are alike. Common man enjoys when you converse in his language, especially in a media where your identity is partially masked and language is the only means of communication.

Topic of discussion is another lifeline of communication. Various topics connect you to people of varied interest, age and tribe. Every hour on air that broadcasts a different topic of discussion has a complete unique set of listeners.

7. Which is your favorite book?

This is not an easy question for a medical student!!! I would like to mention my interest in Samhithas, the texts of medicine written in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a language that brings immense pleasure on reading. 

This is the only language that brings in a new understanding of same verse on every reading. The chapters that deal with Life and life style in Bruhat Samhithas are my all-time favorite.

A couple of novels both in Kannada and English that can break my monotony for 2-3 days would be a source of joy. I would not like to miss on this book which brought in change in my thought process “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne” as my favorite too.

- Nayana Shree, Radio Jockey

- Interviewed by Khushi Badrinath

- Edited by Shilpy Sharan

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