"Discipline and Consistency Are Highly Required to Achieve Your Fitness Goal." - Ajith Babu

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1. Tell us more about yourself and your profession.

I'm Ajith Babu and I'm a fitness trainer. 

I worked as a maintenance engineer for 3 years. I was more passionate about fitness than my regular job therefore I switched on to becoming a full time fitness trainer. I help & give guidance to people who are enthusiastic about fitness, to achieve their fitness goals. 

The main take away from this job is the gratitude of my clients after achieving their goals, which subsequently make a big difference in their lives. 

2. What is your fitness mantra?

I don't have any particular fitness mantra to be honest. Discipline and consistency are highly required to achieve your fitness goal. Never fail to show up. Stick to the plan, believe in the process. 

Fitness trainers are now available everywhere, but only those who work hard will be able to eat the fruit of their labour. 

3. What are some of the major misconceptions about diets and exercises?

There are a lot of misconceptions about diet and exercises. I can talk about it all day. To list out a few of them ; white rice can make you fat, which is absurd as it is not the product but the total caloric intake of it that can cause a problem. 

Another one is that protein powder can lead to kidney problems. Protein powder is a health supplement and trust me it's better than consuming pesticide contaminated,poisonous vegetables in the market. 

4. How can one maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Change your habits. Try working on your biological clock and metabolism. Eat clean, healthy , organic food. Be physically active and exercise for at least half an hour a day. And finally, never ever compare your progress with others.

5. How can one build a successful career in your field?

Study and update yourself with what's new in the field. You should also know the importance of the job that you're handling. Start working with more clients, the more the better.

6. What is one piece of advice you would like to give someone who wishes to lose weight?

You can do this, one step at time, one inch at a time. Stay hopeful while you do your work. Quitting won't speed up the result and keep your mind strong. Never give up until you reach where you want to .

7. How do diets and exercise contribute to overall well being and happiness? 

Our body is an intricate system which consists of millions of cells that are designed to do a particular job. So we should take utmost care to build and maintain this system. Weight loss and building up abs are just 5-7% of what a fitness routine is. 

Being fit changes your perception and helps in bolstering your performance in every sector, be it job or at home. You will feel alive after a good day's workout session. 

Moreover, it'll teach you to be disciplined and will completely change your attitude towards life. Hence, being physically fit is important for overall well being.

- Ajith Babu
  IG: ajithbabu7

- Interviewed By: Amruta Liz Binoy

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