"Finding Your Voice Through Your Photographs Is Very Important." - Susanna Vincy

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Academically, I'm a commerce student but most of the work I do has always been inclined to content creating and photography. I started clicking pictures three years ago in my first year of college. It's been quite a journey from then on. Initially, I only photographed my Instagram page. 

And slowly it grew into product photography and event coverages. Presently, I manage pages like V12 Verve, an artiste arena, and Rachel's Orchard, a fruit concentrate supplier.

2. How and when did you realize your passion for photography?

I've always been fascinated by the art of photography but never knew I could find a passion for it. There were artists on Instagram whose work moved me. And they inspired me to start clicking. It all started on an iPhone 5s. And slowly I moved on to other devices.

3. What are some tips you would like to share with amateur photographers?

One of the most important things a photographer should keep in mind is practice and patience. You should also be original. Your work should define you. Finding your voice through your photographs is very important. 

You could have a different pace in picking up the skills required but you should never give up no matter how hard it may seem.

4. What are the important skills one should have to be a successful photographer?

A broad understanding on how light and shadows work is a very important tool for a photographer. And so is connecting with the subject of photography and getting familiar with the different angles and settings of a camera.

5.What are various opportunities available for aspiring photographers?

Photographers will never go out of demand because the field of advertisement and media is greatly dependent on it. They also have opportunities in the digital world and social media too.

6.Which is your favorite book and why? 

One of the books I love is Agatha Christie's "And then there were none". I like it for the thrilling experience it gave me while reading it.

- Susanna Vincy

- Interviewed By: Amruta Liz Binoy

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