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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Born and brought up in north- east Delhi . I'm 20 year old young delhite pursuing my graduation from Dyal singh college, Delhi University. I belong to a well educated family. 

As i belong to a family that gives priority to studies, I didn't received much support from them in my Influencing. So today who I am is all just because of me & my hard work , dedication & honesty towards my passion.

I'm a big foodie and has keen interest in fashion, fitness, styling & politics . 
Today I balance both my studies and passion . I have endorsed many big brands like Lifestylestores , DocMartin , Motorola , Leonovo , iball , carltonlondonindia , fastrack , Medusa , urbanmonkeyindia , flying Machine , peterengland , FCUK , wildstone , Jack Daniels , halden luxury , daniel Wellington , park avenue and many more.

In a very young age I got the opportunity to judge a fashion shown at "Shiv Nadar University". Recieved award of "Creative Influencer Of The Year 2020" at prestigious award ceremony of "The Great Indian Visioners Awards 2020" 

I'm standing today with my 34k insta fam & look forward for unstoppable growth.

2. What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?

As I was having keen interest in fashion & styling from my childhood and saw today's youth are obsessed about it too and get influenced from my dressing sense. So I thought why not get paid for it & thus decided to be an influencer.
My Instagram is all about fashion , fitness , lifestyle & styling . 

3. How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer?
There seems to be a lot of confusion in both the terms. *Blogger* is a person who regularly writes  content for a blog and publish his own valuable content and on another hand *Influencer* is a person with an online platform , who has huge follower base and has ability to affect the perception and beliefs of his audience .

Bloggers can be influencers if they influence. Influencers can be non bloggers if they only have social media presence like instagram and doesn't have a website.

4. Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?
The process can be slow but it can be financially stable if you have huge followers base , valuable & unique content & full dedication & Passion towards your work . You will definitely  be successful and thus it will be lucrative , the large Audience & quality content you have more you will sign the lucrative deals . 

5. What do you think influences consumer behavior?

Consumer behavior is influenced by many different  factors like psychological factors like perception , personality , attitude , cultural factors 
Economic factors 

Personal factors like age , income , lifestyle and many more .

7. How can someone become a successful social media influencer?

There are many things to focus on In order to be a successful social media influencer but these are most important .  firstly you should be aware of the field in which you are expert and has ability to influence others accordingly select your niche .

Pick a platform  in which you want to showcase your talent , you can select multiple platforms too.
Grow your Audience by creating unique and valuable content & constant social media presence .
Engage with your audience .
Post regularly.
Stay up to date .

8. Which is your favorite book and why?

I don't read books because I'm least interested in it but yes i'm every much interested & has keen interest in politics.

I read articles related to politics , listen news , do debates on current issues.

Interviewed by - Vayun Sahni

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