"It Is Truly Said That Try Try Till You Succeed" - Priti

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

My name is Priti and I am a hotel management student. I started cooking at a very young age. Cooking is something I live and breathe day in and day out. It is an essential part of my life- it is part of my happiness. Since childhood I was really passionate about my cooking, so even at school I chose the subject home science where I could connect with cooking. 

During my 12th  grade, I started a handicraft small business; where I used to make handcrafted things like handmade jewelry-paper jewelry silk thread jewelry, candles and many more things. I have an Instagram webpage called creative_designs99. 

However I have always dreamt of becoming a chef, the cooking competition shows for instance master chef and the chef coat has always amazed me. So, after my schooling I planned to do the degree of hotel management, where I learnt a lot of new things, worked and gained experience at different places. 

I worked for several events such as airshow, royal wedding, BSME awards and many more, always had a different and memorable experience. But in this industry the girls were always been demotivated because, they think that it is difficult for women to work in this industry because we have to work for long hours, no offs at the weekends, carrying heavy equipment and so on.

It was my first year in university where we were selected for one of the events but at the last moment, one of the chef said that we only require men’s for this event but as they were short of staff they took three girls from my class and I was allocated to work with the  head chef at the buffet, at one point of time he had no hopes from me but the moment the event started, and I started working at buffet ,
he was in shock, because he never expected a girl to work this hard and fast.

So,this year I decided to start up my food blog so that I can share my recipes with people out. It’s been 5 months I have started up my own website called www.pritilicious.com where I share my recipes with people. These 5 months

I have discovered more about cooking and to add on top I have tried a lot of new
dishes and have connected with other bloggers.

2. What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?

As I mentioned above that since childhood I have been passionate about cooking
new and unique recipes. Honestly, it was bit challenging for me to start up a page
because I wasn’t confident enough to showcase my talent in front of audience but
nevertheless as they say the word “Believe” is what made me confident.

That’s how I started my instagram page, where I get to learn about and also getting motivated by my followers feedback so that I can improve more and learn more through it. The page is about food blogging, where I share out my recipes and also to showcase my content to the audience.

3. How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer?

According to me blogger is someone who manages a blog/ website. They have
their own website and they create the original and valuable content for their audience. 

Whereas influencers use their platforms to motivate the people in marketto buy the products of the company whom they are working with. An influencer promotes product and service through their platform.

4. Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?

I personally feel that it all depends what field you choose and how you tackle that.
Yes initially, you will need some funds because at early stage no one will
collaborate with you or with your brand, but once you reach at a stage, the popular brands will definitely approach you. 

That will be the time when people will know you or your brand which lead to popularity and indirectly you will sustain in the market in both financial and popularity wise. The key is you should be keenly putting your efforts and it will give you best results at the end.

5. What do you think influences consumer behavior?

According to me, a person should have perfect knowledge about the product or
service he/she is showcasing it to the audience using their own platform,
advertising or marketing on social media, and the way the product has been
presented in the market to the audience 

Also an influencer will give a detailed information about the product and service they are showcasing and that is what influences consumers to buy the product.

6. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

For me the success mantra is being honest in whatever work you do and believe in yourself. I feel there is some hidden talent in everyone; it is just how soon you
recognize and how you use it for yourself. 

You will fail many times to achieve your goal but never allow your failure to overcome your ambition. It is truly said that Try try till you succeed and I use it for myself. When people around me in the industry told you cannot be a chef or you cannot work kitchen; I did get demotivated but I did not let that affect my ambition, I never gave up for what I want to be or what my goal is.

7. How can someone become a successful social media influencer?

First and foremost understand your customer or audience, choose proper platform
to attract your viewers like either pictures, or videos. Make a close watch as your
views are increasing in videos or pictures or you need to change something.

Always post in an attractive way which grabs attention of the viewers. Make your
post original, attractive, interesting, funny, and valuable. Also be interactive with
them you will come to know their views and what they need. To become a
successful media influencer it is important to connect with the audience and know
their views individually.

8. Which is your favorite book and why?

I liked the book great Gatsby because it follows the American dream which is
about perusing your dreams and also the book shows the life of American. The
book is also about love, friendship and relationship. 

It is one of my favorite books because it gave me way to get successful in life and that is hard work and hard work. It inspired me to make relationship with my cooking because that can only make me successful in life.

Interviewed By - Nirbhay

Edited By - Vayun Sahni

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