“It Is You Who Will Determine Your Own Success” – Tarun Attri

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1.   Tell us about your background and journey.

I, Tarun hailing from Ambala Cantt, Haryana where people are still unaware of the DJing career. Also, there are no good DJing academies here in Ambala so I used to go to Chandigarh to learn. For a short while, I lived in a rental flat in Chandigarh but eventually moved back to Ambala due to some family issues. I finished my djing course from Skratch Academy in June 2019. Since then I have worked with many big clubs in Chandigarh. I have worked as a DJ in Lazy Shack, Walking Street Night Club, etc. Lately, I worked with Prankster, Chandigarh.

2. Is DJ'ing a mainstream and financially stable career in India yet?

I honestly don't think Djing is a mainstream career choice for youth. But simultaneously I would mention that within 5 years I am sure it will be a preferred and mainstream career option for the people in India. Talking about if DJing is a stable career in India or not, I would say no one career is financially stable nowadays. There are struggles in every career and so as in DJing.

3. Who is your favourite artist and why?

So, my favourite artists are Dj Snake and Yellow Claw. I really admire them for the genre they play and I believe they are the BEST in their genre that is EDM and Trap Music. I also like Drake and Tyga for hip hop genre.

4. What are some of the common myths about your profession?

There are various misconceptions in the minds of people about DJing. One of the most common myths about DJing is that people think it is easy to become a Dj and literally anyone can do it. Basically, people perceive that being a DJ is not a talent and generally anyone can become that. But I don't think that's true. I believe it's more of a calling.

5. How and from where can one gain formal training for being a DJ?

For formal training, I would say one can join any good DJing academy. But we all very well know the truth that only if one puts his/her complete best efforts only then he/she can succeed whether it is about DJing or any other career. We need to work hard and we need to face multiple hurdles that are actually a part of our struggling life.

6. What are the kind of opportunities you get after being a DJ?

There are multiple opportunities one can get after becoming a DJ. After completing this program from the academy one can go for being a self-employed Dj and work as a freelancer. One can also go full time and work as a mainstream Dj in industry. A Dj can also go for further study in music and production after some experience in his/her genre. Personally, I feel that DJing is a versatile career option wherein one can explore the depth of the music industry.

7. Your message for people who want to make their passion their profession.

One thing I would like to tell people is if you have a calling for music, DJing is a really good option to opt for. There are struggles in every career but it is you who will determine your own success! I would say that one must have a passion to proceed in any career.

8. Which is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book is 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki. I don't read much but this book was recommended by a friend and it tops my list of favourites now. This book teaches us to use our assets wisely and explain the real meaning of financial stability. I would recommend this boom to everyone!!

Interview by - Himanshi

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