"Just Follow Your Dreams" - Rakhi Chauhan

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1. Tell us about your background & journey. 

I am Rakhi Chauhan, belong to a business class family, my mother is a housewife… I have done my MBA in Finance. I got married to an Engineer & became Rakhi Singh. So, I was working with an MNC company as a Senior Financial Data Analyst … same 9 to 6 Job .. I worked there for almost 7 years which was a huge time :) Initially, it was all good I had good friends there loved every moment with them.,…

But then they started switching & one by one everyone left….and it started getting boring, that was the time I have decided to leave my company & take a break from this 9 to 6 job, give my self some time & then restart again with the new company, new friends, new me…. 

But life is not so easy I left my job, took a 1-month break & after that break started searching job again… Imagine you giving interview after 7 years… ohh it too tough like earlier like a freshman, history repeats itself :) 

2. When did you first decide that you wanted to create content & how did you start? 

On 8th July 2017, I posted my first video on Youtube “ Myntra End of Reason Sale || Myntra Budget Haul” ……nervous, excited, scared, happy, and whatnot, it was like I am going to launch a rocket hahaha How did I start - So, I gave 6-7 interviews in the 6-month span of time & cleared 2-3 : ( … but all were like same 9 to 6 job, same client calls, meetings, reporting … 

and I am like “ wapas se wahi sab ab aur na ho payega“ and then I decided to do something else….you know which is interesting which makes me happy it can be anything and that time I was watching a lot of YouTube videos, reading about their (YouTubers) success stories …. And that’s When I decided to start my own youtube channel 

3. Is Vlogging & Youtube content creation a financially sustainable career?

This totally depends if you are a successful creator then Yes. But if you are not getting many views, likes then it’s a NO…. See if your content is innovative, creative & Interesting then you will definitely have a sustainable career …. 

But if you just want to create without any idea or knowledge then you won’t be able to stay connected for a long time may be initially your subscribers love you and you get a good number of views but with time it will all stop & slow down….. There is no any fixed income ... so for me, it’s not a financially sustainable option :) 

4. Who is your favourite creator & why? 

Sejal Kumar, she is so talented, I mean I love the way she is,…. & she is very creative :) 

5. How & where do you find inspiration to churn out content?

It’s been 3 years now since I am creating content & to be honest now its a very important part of life…. I don’t earn much financially but still, I love to create content… I am my own inspiration every day is new for me & I feel to do something new everyday….:) 

6. What does your typical day look like? 

Hmmm So since I am married My typical day starts with “kitchen”….I make breakfast & after having my breakfast, I start writing.. so whatever I have to do today I make a list then get ready for my shoot, videos, pictures or anything but I try to get ready first so that I stay motivated & not feel lazy…. 

then in between my shoots, I cook lunch & after having lunch again go back to shoot & then by evening sometime I enjoy “Shaam ki chai” with Rahul (My husband ), 

late evening I start my workout and by the time workout is done it’s time to have dinner So, I cook dinner and then watch some movie during that time or maybe some series …..and lastly before going to the bed I try to read books, clean my face, some pampering or just anything which makes me feel happy & that’s it for the day :) Very typical day nothing much exciting :) 

7. Which is your favourite book & why? 

To be honest there is no favourite book as such I mean I like many books though….. some of them are like - Secret, The alchemist, Shiva Trilogy, Devil wears Prada, The doomsday….. & why - because they make me feel happy, motivated, positive about life & each other :) 8. What piece of advice would you like to give to future & aspiring creators? 

Just follow your dreams….. stay consistent, motivated & create content what you love & what you want to show…. Don’t just run after views, likes if your content is good no matter what, one day you will achieve your dreams :) So, All the best :)

Interview by - Mahi

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