“Learning Should Never Stop” - Pallavi Dua

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1.Tell me about you and your journey. 

I am a professional makeup artist working as a freelancer. I did my graduation in B.Com Hons. and post graduation in M.Com. I have worked with Ernst and Young as an auditor for an year ,after which I did my makeup course from Pearl Academy and since then there is no looking back.

It’s been almost 4 years that I am working in the makeup industry now and am so glad about this decision.

2.Why did you choose this career?

 I had always been great with academics during my school and college, so everybody thought that I will be taking up something in corporate sector and it so happened when I got campus placed in first go from my college.

 After working there for an year I realised that this is what I would love to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to follow something which would make me happy. I always had inclination towards creativity and had an artistic mindset ,so I thought of learning makeup which would let me be creative and skillful at the same time. 

This industry suits the best for my personality and ofcourse I am passionate about doing makeup. My parents have played an important role in this as they always pushed me to do what I am passionate and supported me with my decision.

3.How can one build a clientele as a makeup artist?

This is a very subjective question and different people will have different notions about the same. For me, what works the best is ‘word of mouth’. 

There are many other factors also besides this for example-I worked with a renowned makeup artist as her team member which helped me learn more about how this industry works and how to build customer relationships. Doing masterclasses and attending events also helps in making connections.    

I did a few of my relatives’ makeup who further introduced me to more potential customers. This really helps because there’s nothing more convincing for people to get such services from someone whose work they have seen live. So it’s a whole cycle of multiple things. 

4.What are some of your top makeup tips?

There are so many of them. Less is more - don’t think that too much of makeup is a good makeup. More of any product may not give you the best results. Drink lots of water and take a balanced diet - this really helps in having a healthy and glowing skin. 

Quality over quantity - invest in good quality products as per your skin type. It’s always better to buy good quality products than a lot of ‘not so good quality products. {Here, I am not differentiating between drug store brands and high end brands}. 

Some of drug store brands are having amazing quality products, so you just need to make a smart choice. Always use clean makeup products, wash your brushes regularly and try to use disposable.

Don’t forget to check the expiry of your makeup products, it’s really important to discard the old and expired ones well in time.

5.What kind of opportunities one can get after becoming makeup artist?

One can get multiple opportunities in this industry. You can work with makeup brands like Mac, Dior, Sephora, etc. You can also join a particular company and work as their permanent makeup artist like for myntra, Amazon, etc.  

You can open up your own salon or makeup studio or you can work as a freelancer. You can also be a makeup educator at makeup schools/colleges or do it independently. You can work with other makeup artist and be a part of their teams. You can get into doing makeups in theatre/Cinema.So yeah, there are plenty of options.

6.Which professional courses would you suggest for aspiring artists?

I would suggest to go for a course which is for atleast 3-6 months since this is a profession based on skills so it’s always better to do more practice. You can join institutions like London school of fashion, Pearl academy, Mama Academy or infact you can also learn from different International/ National renowned makeup artists. But always try and opt for a course which lets you practice more and more.                              

Learning should never stop, that’s what I believe in and follow, so I keep on taking online or offline classes to be well updated with the new makeup trends.                                                        

7.Your favourite book and why?

Honestly I am not too much into reading. I am more of a movie/theatre person. But I have interest in reading fashion magazines and makeup based theories.

 I love to follow Delhi Times,Harper’s bazaar, Vogue, Bobbi brown. Reading and following the tips and tricks really helps in getting better with the techniques. Also, it keeps me updated with the new launched and new makeup products in the industry.

- Pallavi Dua 

Interview By - Anshika Sharma

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