"Live Life You Truly Never Lived. What Matters Is Journey." - Natashaa Iyer

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1. Tell us about your background and journey. 

I was born in Indore, schooled in Ratlam (M.P) and graduated in Pune (M.H). All those years devoted to studies enriched my perspective to look at life beyond 9-5 culture which I observed all the way my parents lived. I found myself to be unfit for that livelihood. 

But as every parent wants their child to have a secured living with set goals, mine weren’t exceptional. Though it wasn’t difficult to convince them, I got way lucky by their supportive nature backing me. Yet, they guided me to keep up education in correspondence. 

Having said that, I endeavored to pursue a career in the field of creativity and came to the dream city Mumbai; with no knowledge of where to begin. In shifts of time, we aren’t sure of anything still we stand on the verge of deciding something permanent. 

It took a while to figure out the right way. I started digging in, took guidance from my sister, spoke to friends and friends of friends. Thus, set in motion to go behind the camera and got an assistant job in film direction. I felt this is it, as they say, "When you know you know". 

It was a gut-full stand I took, my first step ever; very confident about heading into the wilderness. I believe to be blessed and lucky to have a family giving me moral support. Our actions lead our way to success, so I honestly dedicated all my time to only work and also kept grooming myself. 

In my viewpoint, everyone has their own story but nothing compares to yours. My thoughts developed my passion to knock-up storytelling, if not to create at least be a part of it in some way. 

Today! To my real experience, I feel delighted to be featured as an actor in 50+ ad films and honored by a handful of awards that I received for my storytelling as debutant writer-director of a short film "Two Faces". 

I think any process without challenges is never interesting, keep the courage to pursue it. I see a long journey ahead and this is just my beginning.

2. Have you ever thought or dreamt of being an actor? 

Thought - Yes. Dreamt - No. I mean, at some point in life everyone thinks of giving acting a shot. Just like a photograph once a while pops-up with a thought or sometimes we joke about it but deep down it’s a heart-full wish. 

So, yes I thought of being an actor but never made it a priority. I always felt - it will happen if it has to happen. Once while assisting in a film, I remember every day sneaking into the actor’s workshop for the very reason to practice it back home that boosted my feel-good factor. 

Later in 2017, a friend evoked me to try giving auditions for ads and helped me with casting contacts. When I faced the camera my consciousness was gone and it was magical. 

Since then I never looked back. I simply love experiencing another character and living with it, it is altogether a different feeling. I wish to continue forever discovering the joy of acting. It’s so much fun to be in front of the camera.

3. How can one approach their career and have the confidence and belief to become an actor? 

Like I said earlier, everyone has their own path. There is only one rule to approach and that is honesty which goes a long way. Technically! One must definitely have basic knowledge and training. Moreover, the willpower to stay strong. 

Knowing yourself is of utmost importance, it helps to adapt characters of different natures and qualities. Then start building connections, this shall help you build a profile and meet people of your interest. 

The ladder to work in ads is simple, send your profile to casting directors who call back to audition if you fit the look. Follow them and do well. In the ad-world, everything is fully based on look and talent. 

On the other hand Films, TV, and web series function differently and are even tougher being a paramount zone in its own way. By default, it demands patience and time investment. Also, one must discipline the protocols and process. 

One can gain confidence and belief in various ways, depends on person to person, but in general, meditation and self-appreciation does help. Moreover one must keep polishing their art and skills which brings confidence in itself. This cannot be given and taken, so just keep working to a facelift.

4. If not this, what would you be doing? 

A chef without a doubt. It’s still on my cards. Definitely, someday will have my kitchen to serve the craving foodies of the world. Above that, I desire to create a system useful enough to work towards feeding the needy, unfortunate and hungry people. 

5. For a complete outsider with inroads, what advice would you like to give? 

Outsider! The word itself gives a feeling of crossing a wall. Getting into this art industry is one thing and making big is another. In both ways it is tough for everyone, be it someone without lineage or the one with a golden spoon. Yet! it isn’t impossible for those who believe in themselves and possess talent. 

Despite one must also know-well that this profession is no cakewalk. To the fact every aspect of the process needs talent to fill in; one must discover their potential and apply them in the right zone which eliminates the fear of losing. 

Art and Business are two major plots to glory; once you learn to balance then the glamour part follows. It takes one’s effort, time, and everything 100% upfront but pays back in installments. 

Until then be prepared for a battle of survival, keep working to maintain, sustain and pay bills, just the way you do in any other profession. Only then step forward with the will of accepting the uncertainty.

6. What kind of book do you prefer to read?

Incredible stories are what I look at. It may come from books of fiction or real, even a biography until the story makes me a little crazy about it. I like seeking knowledge from people’s experiences and learning from them. 

7. What is your mantra of success?

Honesty! My creative heart and go-getter mind keeps me moving forward. Be true to yourself and focus on the goal. Nothing at all should affect or divert you from what you want to achieve. 

If need be - write it on a paper to stick where you can see it first thing in the morning. Manifest and work towards it, luck and success will automatically follow.

- Natashaa Iyer
  IG: natashaaiyer

- Interviewed By: Pallavi Surana

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