Student Leader Interview - Anusha B S from St. Joseph’s College Autonomous

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1. Tell us more about your role & your responsibilities at your college.

I was elected as the Vice president of the college by my fellow mates and this was possible only because of them and the belief they had in me. Yes, I did work hard for it, did things which I had never done before. 

As per my role, I’ll be coordinating with the president mainly but along with the rest of the council too. According to me, my responsibilities now is to be the person who’s approachable by any student of the college. And also to make sure our college participates and hosts the best of cultural activities.

2. How did you rise to your position and how can a student aspire the same, approach it? 

For me, just academics would always seem boring and hence I indulged myself in as many activities as possible. As I started working more for associations, I learnt new things, grabbed a lot of knowledge. 

But the urge that I always had was to take up responsibilities due to which the first year I handled the position of the class representative and the next year followed by handling association, after which I got the experience and the confidence that I can do more.

It’s always that wish or dream one has that makes us do things. Anyone with a proper plan and honest work can rise to this position provided they make the best use of opportunities that come their way.

3. What have you done in your current role that makes you feel proud of yourself?

Well as of now, we aren’t declared as the actual council as the classes are suspended due to pandemic. But yes, I’m happy that we have been working as a team to come up with other ideas to entertain people and it’s still on process.

4. What are the top skills you have learned from what you do?

One main thing that I appreciate is the pre-election process that taught me how to be patient or how to volunteer. It also made me more interactive with people and boosted my confidence. 

One must have the confidence to do things or to get things done by people. All these contributed to my management skills.

5. How do you think can we encourage more young students to take up leadership roles?

What I would tell them is, when I was contesting for my election, it was a tough fight but I was ok with any result. I was ready to accept both success and failure. But what gave me happiness is that I gave my 100 percentage and I’m satisfied with it. 

So what I tell them is that whatever field it is, you should first give it a try, if not this time maybe next but make sure you have given your best.

6. What is your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

This is the chance you’ll never get again in your lifetime. Make use of this time as much as possible. Everything is a stepping stone, apply for the internships and attend conferences. 

All this is an opportunity to enrich our knowledge, to get to know different viewpoints and be prepared for what’s next, once you complete the student life journey.

- Anusha B S, Student Leader at St. Joseph’s College Autonomous

- Interviewed by Agatha Coutinho

- Edited by Shilpy Sharan

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