Student Leader Interview - Daksh. D. Joshi, MIT


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1. Tell us more about your role & responsibilities at your college?

Speaking of my role in college, I think college brings us a huge ocean of opportunities for one to grow it also brings a sense of responsibility and ownership. College life acts as a mold to shape our future personality. The college is like a small world in itself and in which we find a family who grooms us this family consists of our professors, sports coaches, and course mates. They teach us about life. I was a student who got various opportunities to organize technical conferences, techno-cultural events.

I’ve also participated from time to time in different intercollegiate and state-level sports events. With the help of my seniors and guidance, I’m a part of an NGO. As a part of educational extracurricular activities, I’m a part of a Student Formula Team and we build an electric F1 prototype that provides amazing hands-on experience on the knowledge we gained in our classrooms and put it to test. Personal growth occurs over a time period which makes us a better human being overall.

2. How did you rise up to your position and how can a student aspiring the same, approach it?

If a person keeps learning constantly and is always keen on gaining new skills set and above all has the interest to grow as a person and has people around who wish the same. I think that every student is different and has a different set of qualities however if the student is consistent and is determined towards his goal he or she can achieve the goal they are looking at. Above all we should always help the people around and help them achieve their goals cause in turn it results in a bond that is with us for a lifetime. It is together with a network of friends and people can we achieve something in our life 

3. What have been some of your biggest challenges and learning’s from what you do?

 Some of the biggest challenges that I’ve faced in life are preparing for something with all determination and sweat but not achieving anything remarkable in that field. The learnings from that are that maybe sometimes good things take time to come and not always medals or achievements show what one is capable of. However, if we still keep working hard and not only play or work for medals and fall in love with the process of getting to the goal then one day definitely we will get results no matter what we should keep trying.

4. What did you do in your current role that makes you feel really proud of yourself?

Currently, I’m in the third semester of my degree. I’m a part of a Student Formula team as a department head but moreover, there is so much to learn and put the classroom knowledge to test in a practical environment. Then I’m a part of an NGO and really happy to help some of the underprivileged people who don’t have the access to some of the important needs in life. 

It brings real joy and happiness to make someone smile and helping them. With all of this, I’m keeping myself physically fit and active by rowing which is a really refreshing and great way to stay fit. Above all just evolving as a person and trying to be a good human being is what really makes me happy along with this moving towards my goal even though slowly. We should just manage all the aspects of life and have a positive outlook on life.

5. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

I think all the students should actively participate in internships and should attend conferences it provides great exposure to the world and helps put the knowledge to a practical test. Although I don’t have much experience in internships I think it plays a vital role in one’s life and provides a sense of self-confidence in yourself. It also teaches your teamwork and how to work in an organization.

Interviewed by - Jyotisha Singhal

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