Student Leader Interview - Dhairya Gangwani, VIT

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1. How did you Rise up to your position and how can a student aspiring the same, approach it?

Well, I believe that if you want to rise in life and reach a certain position, it is extremely important to never give up firstly. Secondly, always believe in yourself and have that drive to reach your goals. This is something that I have always followed and believed in and would advise other students to do as well!

2. Do you enjoy the kind of influence you hold at such a young age?

When you do things that set you apart from the crowd and build your own niche, there will be people who will look up to you. There is that influence one creates by default by excelling in their own niche. So yes, I do love the power of being able to impart my knowledge to people and influence them in every small way possible.

Having said that it is also my moral responsibility to keep bettering myself, being aware of the fact that I cannot take things for granted, especially at such a young age. I believe in positively influencing people and simultaneously working on myself to be a better person than I was yesterday.

3. How do your parents look at you participating in extracurricular activities? What are your career goals and how is what you are doing going to help you with that? What are the top skills that you have learned with what you do?

My parents have always encouraged me to be outgoing and exploring new avenues. They always told me that marks are not the judging factor of credibility when it comes to me being a student in school or college. This instilled in me a spirit to participate in all sorts of extra-curricular in college. I was a part of 5 Major clubs/chapters in my 1st and 2nd of engineering. I made sure I was learning practical skills while focusing on my academics.

My choices of working with multiple community initiatives, startups and companies as an Intern, Campus Manager and Student Leader have helped me network and work across diverse domains. The technical and interpersonal skills that I gained in these experiences have helped me so far in ways I had never imagined and they will continue to have an impact on my career goals in the future as well.

As a Management Consulting Trainee, I have learned a lot about Relationship building, Client driven solutions, Teamwork, Effective business strategies, Project Management and Time Management. These are a few top skills that I have imbibed over this small journey of 6 months of being an Analyst.

4. How can we encourage more young students such as yourself to take-up leadership roles?

Young college students are surrounded by people who are upto something from time to time. Everyone in college is so ambitious these days. Students tend to give in to comparisons and inferiority complexes when they see so many people doing diverse things and handling leadership roles.

For all of them to be encouraged to take up leadership roles, each student needs to identify their own strengths and work on them. Believe in yourself, your talent and don't shy away from displaying it to the world.

Leadership is only possible if you are a good team player. I would encourage all college students to be a part of different societies and clubs in your college. You get to work with different kinds of people from a variety of backgrounds. This will help you effectively deliver when working in a team in the future. That's the only way to take up leadership roles later on in life!

5. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

Having done Multiple Internships with companies across the globe and attending various events, hacks and competitions, I would highly encourage students to be participative. Internships give you a professional perspective on things. They help you upskill yourself and work on your overall personality development.

Moreover, the kind of people you work with and build a relationship with through your work, become a part of your network. That is something invaluable. My advice to all the students out there is to utilize your college life in exploring what interests you and makes you happy. Be participative and explore every field possible by attending conferences, webinars and events. Lastly, everything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.

Interviewed By- Rifka

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