Student Leader Interview - Kawaljeet Singh, DBS

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1. Tell us more about your role & responsibilities at your college? 

I am a management student and now pursuing my MBA degree with Doon Business School Dehradun. Currently, I am the brand ambassador and the placement coordinator of my college and also class representative for the 1st semester of the MBA program and marketing coordinator of the recent event of the college. 

2. How did you rise up to your position and how can a student be aspiring the same, approach it?

Raising yourself up for a position is a tough task. First, I think you should show that many capabilities towards the roles and responsibilities so that people can trust and choose to lead them. You should be very talkative to everyone and you should be friendly with everyone. 

3. What have been some of your biggest challenges and learnings from what you do? 

The Biggest challenge is always your people themselves because on one hand some of your people will come to compete with you and on the other hand, some of your people will support you even if they will help you to achieve success. 

4. What did you do in your current role that makes you feel really proud of yourself? 

Currently, I am holding so many positions. The current roles that make me feel proud and happy also. The first one is the event marketing coordinator of the college event it makes me so happy even the head of the college management has personally appreciated me for marketing works. The second one is the placement coordinator of the college. 

5. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences? 

Firstly, you should make yourself specialized in any field so that industry can mark you as an exceptionally good candidate. Complete good value-added certification courses that would help you to enhance your skills and build your knowledge as you can. Conferences are very much good to increase your knowledge. Do some good internships also because it can enhance your skills and become a good employee in the future.

Interviewed by - Akanksha

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