Student Leader Interview - Syed Saad Ali from College Of Vocational Studies

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1. Tell us about your role and responsibility at your college?

Well, My role as the Design & Tech Head of Commerce Society of my college is to provide the society with various strategies and concepts to improve the overall social media appearance and to provide them with creative solutions and designs for our events and activities.

2. How can we encourage more young students such as yourself to take up leadership role?

Leadership is not only the impression to lead a particular group of people but, taking up the first initiative when no one is willing to do a job. Many of us are too scared or too nervous to perform a task just because we think "what if we didn't perform the task in the right manner", this ideology restrain us from taking initiatives and I think to encourage students to take up leadership tasks we first need to encourage them and assign them different tasks in order to build their confidence.

3. What have been the biggest challenges and learnings from what you do?

Since my task is mainly of a creative field the biggest challenge I go through is to find various creative ways to provide value to my designs for society. Once a design is created, it cannot be used again in any other event so I constantly have to come up with new ideas for maintaining our repotation. What I've learned from all this experience is that creativity is a virtue that can be found anywhere, you can literally look at a leaf on the internet and can make a design out of it. You get to learn how other people's minds work and you get to learn how you can market an idea to other people.

4. What are your career goals and how is what you are doing is going to help you with that?

From a very young age, I've been interested in business management, and with my position and the works I've been doing in various internships and college projects I've achieved an idea that I would be a great fit for marketing management because this is something I actually enjoy doing.

5. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

With my experience so far I've noticed that internships and conferences are just as important as your marks and grades, perhaps more. I've always been a good scoring student but on my first day of my internship I noticed myself saying "Mujhe yeh sab to aata hi nahi" to myself. Internships and conferences gives us a different experience of the practical world which is very vital for any student.

- Syed Saad Ali

Interviewed by- Gurleen Kaur

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