Students Leader Interview - Kiran Chandola From Amity University

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1. Tell us more about your roles and responsibilities at your college?

The key most responsibility I’ve ever been handled to, is flattering the position of class representative where you have to play a very interpretative role amidst your seniors and juniors concurrently.

Also, I have been always engaged in volunteering some or the other departmental programs whereas was also responsible for encouraging my batchmates and other students to participate in the extra-curricular activities enthusiastically.

2.What are the top skills that you have learnt with what you do?

Been always engrossed in physical activities and the academics simultaneously, I’ve learnt to be outspoken and to confidently carry myself in front of others, whereas have also acquired various management and leadership qualities side by side which aids me to make a balance of period at the time of switching onto different actions.

3. Do you have a message for parents to allow their kids to do things besides academics?

DEFINITELY, I believe, parent’s moral support performances as a building block for their child and it is up to them, to inspire their child to face for as much challenges as he can so that the child never minds to stuck anywhere in any specific period of his life.

4. What are the career goals and how is what you are doing going to help you with that?

Mamma says, even a street dog works the whole day in order to get a piece of bread by the end of the day and so are the humans who are today indulged within the race to get something big and much more than others. So, what’s the difference between humans and animals actually?

My only career goal is to contribute a significant part of myself towards the society so that instead of running in the same race I can do something for others in order to feel more satisfied and to achieve more blessings in return from the people out there, who doesn’t have faith in humanity anymore.

To achieve what I desire for, I always try to see things from an optimistic point of view and try to keep myself physically and mentally fit. 

Only a person who is free from any kind of negativity or stress in his mind could aim to achieve the goal from a better perspective because, if you are fit from your mind and the body then no external trauma could pull you  back.

5. How do your parents look at you participating in extracurricular activities?

My parents have always supported or motivated me to take part in the extra-curricular activities because as per them my every single participation would acknowledge me to get a better version of myself, irrespective of the ultimate results and therefore they always try  to play their character at the best so I could chase it from a free mind.

6. How  can we encourage more young students such as yourself to take up leadership roles?

If it comes to the contemporary youngsters, I think, everybody today has the potential of achieving something higher and higher because, to take up the leadership role is no big deal but the only thing it wants is Self Determination. 

We can always provide them with the intrinsic motivation or can support  them with the necessary resources they require, but at the end it is only their dedication which can let them acquire it with a better understanding.

7. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

I believe, all such internships, seminars, conferences, etc. delivers a platform to experience the exposure in order to get more comfortable and confident in front of others or to enhance one’s own identity. Because sooner or later, it is the “experience” which allows us to take risks and accepts the challenges in any “organization or society”.

- Kiran Chandola

Interview By - Anshika Sharma

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