Yemen War: No End in Sight

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Hypocrisy of the President

” We are not advocates for war and vengeance, rather we are advocates of peace and harmony because we feel fully responsible for our patient people” said Mr. Mansour Hadi, president of the State of Yemen, while addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations briefing upon the condition in his home country.

Ironically, his speech rather depicted Carl Jung’s interpretation of hypocrisy as he advanced on to say that his government looked to “restore the sovereignty of the State over all the national soil and give it monopoly over medium and heavy weapons”.

While a large majority in his country endures starvation, the Supreme Leader of the Yemeni State is rather hooked up on presenting the State’s dispensable interests of procuring weapons to fight the rebellion groups. The morals and values of humanity have become so irrelevant to mankind that we’ve come to a stage of placing warfare above survival.

Political and Religious Wars

The initial political war that began in the country resulted in the deposing of the then President of Yemen, Mr. Ali Saleh in 2012. While the Deputy to the President, Mr. Hadi took control after negotiations gave him power, there seemed to be no scope for improvisation of the kaput Nation.

Even after a change in leadership, Ansar Allah, the largest anti-government rebellion group remained unsatisfied. A resolved political war now took rebirth in the form of a comparatively worse religious conflict. The Ansar Allah and the government have been involved in a cold war since 2013 representing their own factions of Islam, the Shias, and the Sunnis, while third parties are fighting for autonomy.

But like any other religious war, nothing prevented this war to cross the borders and turn Yemen into a ground for international conflict against the will of the Yemeni citizens. The conflict has rather been recognized as an extension of the Saudi – Iran proxy war. In fact, the two nations themselves have been playing a pivotal role in the clash for the past 3 years, competing at opposite ends.

Uncertain Future

Although due to recent developments and signing of the Riyadh Agreement, a peace pact between the Southern Transition Council and the official government of Yemen, the National government has been able to achieve some level of success, there still lies ahead several problems to be solved. The destiny of the citizens of Yemen remains a mystery largely dependent upon what the leaders of the revolting groups decide upon.

The people of Yemen breathe each day hoping to live another one until they see freedom, not from any colonial prowess, but from a catastrophic war that has presided over their land for several years of the past. Each step they take as they move out of their homes is filled in fear, desiring to return home safely. And the ironic part about this entire war is that even though human beings read about it and present their condolences, it is the very doing of mankind which has caused this atrocity resulting in thousands of people perishing, students deprived of education and barbarity in the history of Yemen. 

Written by – Arnav Mehra

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