12 Most Important Benefits Of Podcasts

A podcast is a series of audio files that can be downloaded by a user to listen. The term ‘Podcast’ is a combination of iPod (an apple product) and broadcast. This term was first suggested by the Journalist Ben Hammersley. The emphasis of podcasts lies in the audio and spoken word. 

It is a modern form of radio which is even connected to the internet and data facilities. It helps a person to kill time as it allows them to acquire knowledge at a time when it is very difficult to do so, such as while commuting to and from work. Softwares like iTunes provide a convenient way to manage a queue across many podcast sources.

They often use the auto subscription model, whereby new episodes get automatically downloaded to the user’s device. Most of them are in audio form but sometimes may include PDFs as well. One may also find videos attached to podcasts that are known as Vlogs. Some podcast series provide transcripts, commentary as well as a community forum. Most of the podcasts are available for free and are free of advertisements as well. 

There are a lot of benefits associated with podcasts. Some of them are given below -

1. Easy to Create

Podcasts are easy to create. Not many things are required to create a podcast. The most important things required are good quality microphones and headphones along with a good internet connection. The editing software for this purpose could be accessed for free. After its creation, it should be promoted so that it would reach a large audience.

2. Learning New Things

Podcasts are available for a large variety of topics and subjects. So, there is a great probability that one can find a series related to what interests that person. They help in utilizing time. One can acquire great knowledge with the help of podcasts. If a person wants to acquire random knowledge, then podcasts are the best place to do so.

3.Enhances Listening Skills

Speaking and listening skills play a key role in an individual’s life. Podcasts will enable a person to listen to the stories of another person. Through this, the person will gain a greater appreciation for listening. It will also improve the understanding capacity of an individual. Therefore, listening to podcasts will bring a difference in your ability to understand while listening.

4. Increases Ability to Imagine

It was found in a study that was conducted by Emma Rodero that podcasts listeners were able to generate more vivid images and had high levels of emotional involvement in the story. Since people can listen by using podcasts, it increases their level of imagination. They make pictures of what they listen to in their head. So, podcasts increase the ability to imagine in an individual.

5. Improves Public Speaking Skills

Podcasts can also help in improving public speaking skills in an individual. They develop confidence in the listener. The listener will not face any problem while delivering public speeches. It will develop an easy-going, fluent flow while speaking. Nowadays, most businesses have started incorporating podcasts into their marketing strategies. It has become a way of advertisement.

6. Improves Multitasking Ability

Podcasts play a key role in improving the multitasking ability of a person. One can listen to podcasts while doing some other work as well. A lot of times, people wonder what to do? At that point in time, they can just listen to podcasts. It will utilize their time and will not even distract them from other important tasks. One can just listen to them while waiting for a lecture or just walking to the class, etc.

7. Kind of Entertainment

If one is not interested in reading books, listening to podcasts is a great job. It will help the listener set the plot, character just as a person is reading a book. A great variety of story podcasts are available which will suit a person’s interest. One can listen to them while on a long ride or jogging, etc.

8. New Interests

Podcast allows a person to go through a large number of things like murders, mysteries, sports tournaments, entertainment, etc. People find it interesting to follow the series to know what will take place next. In this way, people are able to pay attention to areas where they normally won't. Listening to podcasts will increase the interests of the individuals and will teach them new things.

9. Advertising Platform

Since the listeners are rapidly increasing day by day, the podcast has become a great place for advertising. Companies and firms have started the publicity of their product or service on podcasts. Compared to other forms of advertising, it is much more cost convenient. Some podcasts have a paid version that is free of advertisements.

10. Build a valuable library of content

Podcasts have a great variety of content ranging from sports, entertainment to autobiographies. People can build a library in their device where they can store whatever they like about the podcast. It will help the person to watch that video whenever the person wants to watch it.

11. Perfect for Mindless Chores

Listening to podcasts is a great option while doing mindless chores or chores that do not require much attention. It will help you immerse in an enlightening conversation. One can listen to a biography or autobiography of a great personality to get motivated while doing these chores.

12. Reaching Out to New Audiences

Podcast can help out in reaching new audiences for business. It can build familiarity with a large variety of audience. Listeners stay stuck to the series and listen to it daily. People will stay connected to it and will also recommend it to others if they liked it. This can lead to an improvement in traffic generation.

13. Highly Engaging

In a survey conducted on podcast listeners, it was found that more than half of the people bought what the host had promoted. This shows that podcasts are highly engaging and influence the buying decisions of people positively.

Podcasts can be used in a positive way. A lot of benefits are associated with the use of podcasts. They are easy to create and are available at a very low cost. A plethora of series is available ranging from sports, entertainment and biographies, etc. People can invest their spare time productively by listening to podcasts. One can listen to podcasts while performing household chores, waiting for lectures, etc which improves the multitasking ability of the listener.

The content is very engaging and improves the ability to imagine as well. It serves as a source of entertainment and people can develop new interests and tastes by listening to podcasts. 

They are even used as a source of advertising. Listening to podcasts also improves the listening skills of a person in a great way. It develops a natural flow while speaking. Thus, it improves public speaking skills. So, listening to podcasts is a great thing for people, especially for the younger generation, since podcasts are time efficient and they can listen to it and improve themselves in a large number of areas. 

Written by - Vaibhav Sharma
Edited by - Diksha Priyam Bayan

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