3 Core Reasons for Gender Bias at Workplace


On May 28, 2018, an article was published on the official site of World Bank claiming that the world economies had lost a whopping 140 trillion USD due to gender inequality in the socio-economic sector.

Not only the World Bank but other organizations like McKinsey also put the report that if the Republic of India focuses on gender disparity, it can contribute 770 billion USD more into the Indian Economy by 2025. These reports are no joke and it is for sure that these reports shook the economist around the world and especially Indian economists.

So, it is wrong to say that gender inequality is still not there in the modern era. It is there. Let's shift the focus to gender biases in the workplace. No doubt that the above report still tells the cases of gender disparity but there are also a handful amount of cases or in a simple word “myths” about gender biases.

What are the Common Myths?

1. Women Are for Home Care Only.

Nothing much to discuss this myth. Everyone knows it and everybody has seen it. No doubt, you know what is the reason behind that. Caste, religion, and orthodox mindsets, etc are the reasons for the same. This small thought of society led to the birth of a much bigger problem.

As the reports tell, there has been a significant loss of capital around the world. And this social problem also led to the birth of gender inequality in the workplace.

You may have observed the ratio of female employees in several sectors. Most of the time, you will find very less percentage of women working there. The reason for this is the same. 

But if you look at the data given by the World Economic Forum, Women not only constitutes half of the population in the world but also hold more advanced degrees than Males in 100 countries. So, do you still think that Women are for Home Cares only?

2. Women Get Special Attentions at Their Work.

This could be pretty confusing and hard to find out whether it is correct or not. You may have seen many movies and serials where there is a scene in which females get extra attention at their office and often these movies/serials present males as the victim of gender bias in the workplace.

So, is this happening in reality? If you notice from the beginning, women suffered a lot to get recognition at the workplace. No matter where you look, most of the time you see women doing the same job which males do with the same efficiency.

But recently many cases of gender bias in the workplace have been observed against males. 

Mostly these cases happen due to two reasons. One, due to the ratio of participation of the genders and second, due to over-hyped news about the situation of certain gender that create somewhat feelings of sympathy.

So, this is happening to both sides due to certain reasons.

3. She Can't Do It.

It is one of the most common and most heard reason. Let's visualize the current ongoing COVID-19 crisis around the world. Do you know which countries are performing better? Denmark, Sweden, Taiwan, Finland, New Zealand, Germany, and Iceland.

All of the above countries are performing better in reacting to the deadly virus and interestingly, all of these countries have female leaders. This is enough to scrap this view. 

“It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.”

― Emma Watson

This quote is enough for this point. You can just look around, you will get many live examples of “She Can Do It”.


It is almost clear that gender bias in the workplace exists in reality. This happens not only with females but also with males. There are many cases where male employees are treated unfairly. 

Although the government and several civic authorities are working very hard to solve this big problem which costs hundreds of trillions of dollars to world economies. Solving this problem will take a country to the zenith.

Let’s conclude it with an inspiring quote.

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

― Maya Angelou

Written by - Aditya Raj

Edited by - Vaibhav Sharma

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