5 Awesome Offbeat Career Options


We live in a society where many people still believe that becoming a doctor or an engineer is the only option in order to build a successful foundation to one’s career. But the mad rush for these mainstream career options is about to reach a saturation point. 

The current generation is a bit reluctant to follow the traditional and stereotypical work options. This has lead to the upcoming of various ‘not so traditional’ or unconventional careers, popularly termed as the offbeat career options. 

Now, sit back and read as the magic of some of the most famous offbeat career options unfurl -

1.  Travel Blogging 

If you have a dream and will travel around the globe, then this is the perfect option for you. 

A travel blogger is someone who travels around the world collecting material for writing about their travel experiences and derives income from a variety of on-line and off-line sources. A travel blogger is a freelance writer who travels to some exciting destinations and then pours out all the experiences on his/her blog. 

The process of traveling does not generate any income. But positive reviews on a popular blog site can be a great advertisement for hotels, restaurants, shops, bakeries, and other outlets. You can feature some of these exclusively on your blog in exchange for a free stay or a free treat. In some cases, you can also earn from here.

But the major revenue is generated through the blog. The only thing one has to keep in mind is how do you write the reviews. Something different will only help you generate a sustainable income.

Good thing that this amazing option does not require any educational qualification. 

2. YouTube Channel

There are many examples of millionaire YouTubers. Ryan Kaji, who is just 8 years old, earns $26 million just by her toy unboxing videos. But how does one earn from a YouTube channel?

After you have established your channel and have a decent amount of subscribers, you’ll get an option to become a partner with YouTube. This will enable you to earn revenue by allowing YouTube to add advertisements before and during your videos. So every time a viewer views the advertisement featured on your video, you earn a certain amount of money.

After you form a fan base for yourself, you can collaborate with some brands and feature their products in your videos. This is a great way to earn a little extra for yourself either in the form of cash or some amazing products for yourself. 

You can also start to sell out your own merchandise once you’ve established yourself on the platform. 

This career option also does not require any educational qualification and in turn, allows you to follow your passion. The only requirement is the original content and to have a good hand at editing.

3. Wedding Planner

It may sound easy at first but an immense amount of hard work goes into making a wedding ceremony successful. Everyone wants their ‘Big Day’ to be smooth and flawless. This is the reason that the demand for wedding planners is hiking up these days. 

A wedding planner is a professional who helps couples design, plan, and manage their wedding. He/she needs to look after everything starting from setting up a budget to shopping, decorations, venues, invitation cards, caterers, photographers, etc. Hence, with organizational and management skills along with good communication skills, the ability to deal with different kinds of people is a few essential characteristics of wedding planners.

There are a few institutes that train you to become the best wedding planner in the town. But if you have inherited the above-said qualities along with a good knowledge of the cultural ceremonies, you are good to go on your own.  

4. Voice-Over Artist

This profession has existed for quite a long time but it is not considered as a traditional career option. You hear voice-over artists in many situations- a voice that elaborates and explains the TV shows, metro stations, railway stations, radio programs, animated cartoons, and movies, etc. 

This option pays you handsomely. There is no formal education required but you can go for a course and training in acting to get those expressions right in case of cartoons and movies. 

5. Radio Jockey

The radio industry of India is one of the most popular, attractive, and productive industries. Debates and discussions on a series of political and social issues, entertainment programs, news, and other infotainment produces are been broadcast across the country.

 The key responsibilities a radio jockey includes programming, scripting, presenting the radio shows, radio advertisements. Lending voice over to the audio magazines and documentaries also lies there in the key responsibility area of the radio jockey. 

Although a high school diploma is a formal education required, you can also go for a bachelor’s degree in mass communication or broadcast journalism. 

Experience as a DJ can also highly enrich your CV as you can explore and learn the operation of all the equipments. 

Today’s youth is willing to take up the unconventional career options and follow their dreams. In the present era, the Internet has made it possible for anybody who is talented and has the knowledge, to make it big. If the effort put from your side is sincere, success will be yours. Remember that in the end, the decision of what you want to make of your career is yours and no one else has right over it.

Written by - Neha Kundu
Edited by - Kashish Chadha

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