7 Ways To Use Instagram For Business Promotion


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More than 1 billion people use Instagram monthly. Can you fathom the myriad of possibilities for business on Instagram? Read on to know the methods of promoting a business on Instagram.

21st century is all about technological advancements. With our honourable prime minister’s Digital India movement, digitisation of everything, from high amount transactions to grocery shopping, things started changing. With the initialisation of ‘Vocal for Local' in recent times of Covid-19, our local market can see a surge in their sales in the coming days. In such times when world economy is collapsing, e-commerce is booming.

In such times, it has become necessary for the local businesses to reach local customers online so as to maintain social distancing and digital means. Whereas e-commerce sites are a good way to sell your products online, it’s more beneficial to use social networking sites like Instagram because it’s more personal, youth-oriented and feasible for the customer to reach out. Read a few statistics to know why Instagram is ideal for business.

There are several perks of promoting in Instagram. You just have to create a public business account on Instagram and you’re good to promote your work (any work for that matter) whether it’s your passion or actual business. Now that you’ve created an account, it’s time to promote and reach out to the people who would consume your services.

A lot of people refer to Instagram for their desired products and you can target such people to turn them into regular customers. The key is to make your product appealing to the people. Instagram itself helps you with tips and tricks through their new @Instagramforbusiness page for beginners. Still, we’ve got you covered on personalised ways of increasing engagement/promotion of your enterprise on Instagram:

1. Make up Your Profile

They say, “First impression is the last impression”. So we must work hard to make our first impression impactful. Maintaining a good profile is as important as opening an account itself. 

  • Feed

A pleasing feed is very important for you to get noticed. This is a business account, so make sure your feed has no trace of you as a person. Maintain a theme that goes with your product or service to draw in more people. A pattern and colour code should be decided before putting up the posts which highlights several aspects or uses of what you are selling. This would establish a unique identity. Post frequently to show you’re active and alive.

  • Profile Picture

This small thumbnail image is what’s going to be your business's identity. Keep some classy, professional and relatable picture in your profile that is self-explanatory about what your product is. It can be your company’s name or logo mostly. You have to keep this consistent because everyone’s going to recognise you through that.

  • Name

Your page name is your brand. It’s advisable to name your page as your business’s name or anything related to that. The name must be easy to find, short and unique. Try making the name self-sufficient.

  • Bio

The page bio is the introduction to what your page or business is all about. In 150 characters, you have to explain what your product is and why a customer should buy it. Bio is very crucial for drawing in the customers; don’t sound pushy but professional and engaging in it. Under the website option, put your clickable links of your site and increase traffic over there.

2. Good Presentation

Instagram is all about visually pleasing content. It’s crucial how you present your products.

  • Pictures

Nothing can be more alluring than visually aesthetic pictures of your product, according to your feed and event of post. Take care of lights and settings. Use Instagram filters to make them more pleasing.

  • IGTV

You can use IGTV to upload videos of more than a minute duration to demonstrate your product in use and communicate its features to the target audience. Your product should be brought out with your confidence and utility you create in customer minds.

  • Reels

The newly introduced reels are a great way to convey more in less time. These 15 seconds videos are as good as TV commercials for your product. Add great music and special effects to work magic on your audience.

3. Increase Interaction Through Inbuilt Tools

Without interaction, you won’t be able to grab customers on Instagram. You need to build a loyal following and customer base to flourish your business. There are several ways to do that by various inbuilt tools provided by Instagram. 

  • Use your DM's to answer queries and converse about the utility of your product with your potential users. Ask for suggestions and take them in confidence that you are available and ready to help them out anytime.
  • You can go live on IG to allow multiple users to interact with you face to face. This would also ensure great engagement if you talk about the product's journey, consumer experience etc.
    Under the insight tab, you can easily analyse the audience response to your posts, know your audience and monitor their behaviours, most active hours and days to find the best time to post and know which post is doing better and why.

4. Use Stories

Stories are the best part of Instagram. They allow you full customization of the media you want to share and disappear after 24 hours. You can save them as story highlights for future reference by your audience. The stories have several stickers to help you reach and relate to the maximum audience:

  • Support small business stickers and shopping tags can help you direct customers to your website or page and urge them to buy the products they like on the story.
  • The location sticker helps you gain local customers as well.
  • Make your stories interactive through question stickers, polls or quizzes. This would enable the user to feel that their views matter and increase your engagement manifolds.
  • The mixture of text, image, GIFs, stickers etc allow you to express yourself creatively and make the products appear more relatable to your buyers.
  • It can be used to build hype around a new product.
  • Re-share the stories that tag you on your feed to build up loyal customers who use your product. They will feel valued and automatically promote your product.

5. Promote Using Ads on Instagram

The good thing about Instagram is, if you have a good set of close friends and relatives, you can ask them to low-key promote your goods and services easily, without costing anything to you or them. Not only this, but you can also advertise and promote your page at low weekly costs on Instagram, to multiply your reach exponentially. Instagram would promote those posts in between the stories of your target audience. It’s really affordable considering the amount of business it would bring.

6. Use Hashtags, Tags and Comments

For business, you need to get noticed by the users other than those following you. For that you can use 

  • Hashtags

Hashtags are the keywords related to your products that are trending and are followed by multiple people. The hash tags would display your post on the feeds of even those people who don’t follow you but can be interested in what you would offer.

  • Tags and Comments

Tag different people, pages, partners and loyal customers similar in the posts so that you cater to a larger audience and gain instant attention. The comments on these posts can draw followers of the tagged accounts towards you. Like and comment on other posts so that they notice your page as well. Afterwards, follow and reach out.

7. Organize Competitions, Giveaways

This is one of the fastest ways to draw more followers towards your page. Give your customers special deals on specific days. This would ensure more sale and recognition. Organize giveaways and reward one loyal customer. Decide upon the product you want to give away, make sure it looks enticing, ask the people to follow you and share for being eligible. This would increase involvement greatly.


Follow these tips to expand your business of any scale, any product and watch it flourish with the power of social media. Never lose hope. Brands aren’t made in a day and it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to establish them offline. But Instagram needs you to have a knack of marketing and the platform is ready for you to thrive and rock. Be expressive, reach out and promote as much as you can, without any second thoughts. 

Written by – Saakshi Priyadarshini
Edited by - Sravanthi Cheerladinne

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