8 Ways to Strengthen Your Willpower to Achieve Success


It is normal for every person to strive for improvement, either physically, emotionally, or professionally. The desire for progression and self-improvement is common to all human beings. 

To achieve your goals, you need to have strong ambition and the effort required for it, but to bring such change in your life, you need to have strong willpower, which many people lack. The lack of willpower is the most prevalent reason which makes people lose their goals and ambitions.

But you will be glad to know that willpower is something that can be developed. It is like a muscle in the body; The more you train it, the stronger it becomes. People with high willpower are able to get more done, achieve a greater degree of success, and stand out more.

You don’t need to be bound forever to your old habits just because you lack the required willpower. 

Take a look at these 10 tips that will help you to reach your goals and improve your self-control – 

1. Avoid Temptations

The key to building a strong will power is having a strong willpower and this can be developed by resisting temptations that you may have throughout the day. Practicing self-control on any aspect of your life can develop your willpower in a significant way.

2. Find Alternatives

Building strong willpower requires you to make trade-offs in your day-to-day life. It can be easier for you to put-off bad habits by making more thoughtful choices and you need to plan the situations which may make you fail. You can use healthier alternatives to your food or daily schedule to train your brain to learn how to strengthen your resolve, which in turn helps you to have stronger willpower.  

3. Set Realistic Goals

If you’re trying to build your willpower, one of the most important things is to set realistic goals that you feel like you can achieve, whilst not being overwhelming. If you set unrealistic goals, then chances are that you’ll never even start acting on the goal that you have planned. Even if the scope of your goal is small at the beginning, you can increase it exponentially as you go further down the line.

4. Learn More About Yourself

To increase your willpower, you first have to know more about yourself. You need to know what triggers your impulses, what changes your mood or your habits. You have to be honest with yourself to determine these factors. Ask yourself what makes you ‘give up’ or ‘give in’ to something. 

5. Get Over Your Fears

One of the factors that can prove to be a hindrance to your determination is fear. Fear makes you unable to initiate your decisions, even if you are determined. When you are afraid, your willpower is diminished and this directly affects your performance. Thus, you need to face your fears and overcome them in order to be able to use your determination in a practical way.

6. Understand Your Motivation

In order to have enough willpower for something, the motivation needs to come from within yourself. Your goals need to be something that you’ve set up yourself for your own betterment. If someone advises or compels you to start something, the chances of failing are higher.

7. Reward Yourself

To maintain your willpower, you need to devise a system to track all the benefits you get from acting upon your motivation. If you reward yourself for your willpower, you are also strengthening it at the same time.

8. Postpone Unimportant Activities

If you can postpone your irrelevant activities whilst prioritizing the important ones, then you can develop your willpower in an efficient way. You can cheat your mind by telling it that you will act on a negative impulse a little later. This will make your mind forget about it after some time and gradually, you will develop the determination needed to completely remove the bad influences.

To conclude, having strong willpower can bring many positive outcomes in people’s lives like developing better habits, increasing mental strength, or bring physical betterment. Once you develop your determination and willpower, you can get to the highest levels of achievement and you can achieve success in any field of your desire.

Written by - Soumya Deepta Sarkar

Edited by - Kashish Chadha

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