Absorb What Is Useful, Discard What Is Not, Add What Is Uniquely Your Own - Pankaj Latoria

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1. Tell us about your background and journey?

I come from a town "Akola" Vidhrabha in Maharashtra. A moderate family with limited resources.

- Schooling completed with Marathi as first language, English was always a challenge.
- Desicion was already made in 8th Standard that I will pursue CA as a career.
- An average student with 60% percentile grade in SSC, HSC, but stood 7th merit in University
-Completed my CA in 2002 took a bit long, 5 yrs to complete and I was the first CA in the family, brought in  lot of proud for my parents

The journey from practicing the profession to CFO was exciting, with a lot of struggle, ups and downs attached to the career. However three things played a big role in my suceess Hardwork, Integrity and a Good Boss, the first two were a part of my career throughout and third being my luck. I worked with diverse cultures with US, German and Swedish MNC's

2. How you keep yourself update in the field of finance?

I keep reading books to gain knowledge and updates for the day to day life whenever I get chance, but I make this the part of my everyday life. I also attend Webcasts whenever functionally related to me or not. These tow things keep me updated in the field of finance.

3. Your tips to the younger generation on how to go about understanding the basic financial stuff?

According to me every one is a business man, it is as simple as managing the pocket money and everything is between cash in and cash out

4.How can one know if finance is the field of them? Can one take a test for the same?

It is all about passion. I know since my 8th standard that I will become a CA.

1. 5.One advice that you feel would have helped you while starting out in this field? 

 Nothing can replace the hardwork & integrity.

1)      LOGOS – Clarity of thought

2)      PATHOS – Strong Relationship

3)      ETHOS – Admirable Qualities

2. 6.What is your Favourite book and Why?

Who moved my Cheese, its all about how you change and adapt to the situation.

Change or perish.

3. 7. Last but not the lease what are your views on the current economic situation

In In few words, its an opportunity and time Re-think, Re-imagine & Reflect. 

---- Pankaj Latoria

IIIInterviewed by- Swapnil Parowal

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