Are Indian Politicians Afraid of Comedy?


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India Is a Great Country!

About 1600 languages ​​are spoken in it and there are about 9 religions. 

Around 134 crore people live here, out of which only 543 people can become MP, out of that 273 seats are needed to form a government. This time the BJP has a total of 353 seats. This means 190 seats in BJP's Opposition, but are they doing their job in the right way?


What Is Opposition?

If we go by definition, then Opposition means the total seats which are against the majority party! Or the Opposition Parties that do not agree with the majority party, which does the Constructive Criticism of the majority party!

But I do not think that they are doing her duty well.


So Who Has Taken That Duty?

Nowadays the stand-up comedians and memers have taken up the job of Opposition in this country, and they have no security. They are doing probably the biggest work of this country and they are banned from many resources of this country.

Their effigies are burnt and many FIRs are also done on them. 

Kunal Kamra a famous comic, had a show in Bangalore, which was canceled because the place (the institute) where he was going to perform was against him. A complaint was issued that he 'ideologically messes with the minds of the youth'.

This tells a deep-rooted problem in minds of masses people rely so much on the opinion of next person they are not able to form their own and hence giving birth to toxic cancellation culture


Have You Ever Seen Puppets Dancing?

If not, then switch on your television and watch the pathetic media, which is run by the Indian government!

A common man's best friend is the media, but the media has awarded people with the title of anti-national. Often you will see that the man who criticizes the government becomes an anti-national.


 Mistakes of This Anti-National Man

This anti-national dared to become a voice against the government and spoke his mind! Although there is free speech in this country, it has remained only on the alleged tip. These anti-national people were earlier called critics of the government! But as the good days are coming closer, the period of calling them anti-national is increasing.


But the Opposition (Comedians) Are Doing Their Job Well

 The job of the Opposition is to question the government and make them accountable to the public. The opposition is equally responsible for maintaining the best interests of the people of the country. They will have to ensure that the government does not take any action which may have a negative impact on the people of the country.

The role of the opposition in Legislature is basically to investigate excesses (from the ruling of major party), not to be completely hostile. The ruling party has functions that can be beneficial to the public and the opposition is expected to support such steps.


In Legislature, the opposition party has a major role, which is:

1. Constructive criticism of the government.

2. To ban the ruling party's arbitrariness.

3. To protect the freedom and safety of the people.

4. Preparation to form a government.

5. Expression of public opinion.


But I don't think the opposition follow these things. Instead, they indulge in petty name-calling and other pathetic stuff. In the end, I would like to conclude by saying I truly think comedians are doing their best to maintain the decorum of this country and are acting as an opposition although their lives are in danger this is how great freedom fighters are born.


Written by - @thatfunnykidinthecrowd 

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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