Digital Design Is Like Painting, Except the Paint Never Dries - Akhil Unnikrishnan

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1. When and how did you decide to be a graphic designer?

After my graduation..I used to draw, design and get fascinated by good visual designs. And also my interest towards communication and media gave me a headstart to pursue a career in design.I joined for masters in visual media and right now I'm working as a designer at Infosys.

2. What is the role and scope for a graphic designer?

With the advent of digital media in all mainstream fields like IT, advertising, healthcare etc. The need for good designers have risen. Hence if you have some great design works to support and showcase the skill level, there is great scope.The role of designers are hard to explain as it is an interdisciplinary field. They have to take up the role of various positions according to the requirements.

3.Which are some tools and softwares a graphic designer should be aware of?

There is a number of software and tools available today.But ultimately the idea is the key. Executing it comes later. Some of the basic tools a graphic designer should be familiarised with includes Adobe Photoshop & illustrator, coral draw etc.
Then there is some new and advanced tools like Adobe XD,Adobe dimension, 3ds max, maya etc.

4. How in your opinion has this profession changed over the years?

As I mentioned, this decade has proven to observe a great rise in the need for graphic designers as more organisations had foreseen the need for them to cope up with digital media. They saw the scope in engaging with potential customers through visuals and other digital design collaterals through social media platforms. Hence, the profession had seen a great change in its scope and application as even reputed IT corporates are hiring graphic designers in bulk to meet their needs.

5. Do you often have to keep up skilling your self?

Yes, that is a must for this field as one should be always aware of the new trends, software and design applications.

6. How can one develop a keen sense for design and aesthetics?

One can't learn things like design from classrooms and textbooks. The so called sense for design and aesthetics is developed by ourselves.You have to observe and learn through various practices including sketching, design thinking/brainstorming and a sense of questioning a design process  by understanding the basic nuances of it's decision making.

7. Which your favourite book and why?

I can't answer that by mentioning just one.There are multiple books that fascinated and gave me some different sort of understanding.This is the case of books based on genre-novels, biography, self improvement etc.

In case of design, there are tons of books with which I had read only a handful.From that I will suggest books like The design of everyday things, Design elements by Samara,How to draw by Scott Robertson.These books won't turn you into a designer overnight, instead they speaks the experiences of the respective authors in the field of design and their take on the same.

- Akhil Unnikrishnan

Interviewed by - Harsha

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