Digital Economy Is Developing Rapidly Worldwide - Hemant Sharma

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1. Why is cybersecurity is so important in this digital economy?
Digital Economy:- Digital Economy is developing rapidly worldwide. The digital economy is also referred to as “Internet Economy”, “Web Economy” or “Economy over internet” Cyber Security is required to make secure transactions over the Internet.

2. Do you feel cyber crimes are going to increase in this recession time and how we can handle it?
Yes, In this recession Cyber Crimes are at the highest peak. To understand how we can handle Cyber Crime we need to know what type of crime is and most of the cyber-crimes are getting mitigated by providing Awareness to your employees. Following are some of the Cyber-crime those change their graph during Recession/pandemic time. I have mentioned only 5 out of many attacks.
1. Phishing:- This can handle by spreading cybersecurity awareness, and bit consciousness like, before entering your credentials you need to check if it’s a legitimate site or not and there are many more factors
2. Vishing:- This will also take care by spreading knowledge about Cybersecurity few are common factors like Don’t Share the OTP overcall with anyone, Never Share your personal Details over a call like Personal Identification Number, Passport Number, Account Number,  
3. Ransomware:- By Using Anti-virus and updated DAT/Signature files we can prevent our machines from Ransomware Attack. Note:- Never download free software from un-trusted sites.
4. Web-site hijacking:- This is Not an attack but the web site Hijacking could be by security misconfiguration, Why I have added this category into attacks because website hijacking could be done by various methods and that’s possible only there is some parameters or website vectors are not secure, so that by using those misconfigured things an attacker can get lots of information that will be used in many manners.
5. Malware:- Malware is a parent type of all types of attacks like viruses, Trojans, worms, and many more. We can protect our corporate and personal machines by using Anti-virus with updated definitions

3. Does the digital encouragement from the government side make a large chunk of the population vulnerable?
No, I don’t think so, because if we are fully compliant with our devices and all public-facing applications and conducting quarterly VAPT test then there is no vulnerability.

4. What are your initiatives in this field to educate people about the hackers?
There are various methods to educate people “How to protect from getting hacked”
1. By providing them Monthly training.
2. Conducting the Campaigns,
3. Providing Social Engineering Awareness, because most People are providing personal information on social media, without knowing what will be the cause of this information leak.

5. What are the technical skills they need to develop and how they endorse this field to be successful?
Technical Skills development totally depends on the field, like software engineers need to understand how to write secure code and make the code stronger so that no one can crack this.
Network Engineer needs to understand how to use a proper protocol to communicate the message so that no one can intercept
Financial Department: - They need to know which type of information we can share without the organization and which one is confidential.
6. Is there any software you would recommend to people how paranoid should people be when they are using it for very basic purposes like interacting with friends and colleagues?
Using Social Media platforms is not a bad thing but sharing their personal and sensitive information which may cause trouble for them in the future that needs to be correct.

7. Any suggestions for business owners to keep their sensitive data safe in this WFH situation due to employees can access the sensitive data from their home.
Use VPN and apply it to make sure your files and secret information should not share over the internet openly. Provide awareness training to the employees to prevention from Data Loss.

Interview by - Mahi

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