Do Romantic Comedies Affect Our Contemporary Culture

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Romantic comedies  or as people call it ‘romcoms’ make up almost 80 percent of all the films produced, surely enough they make most of the money but what they also do is they corrupt the mindset of generations.


Your mother has some different views of romance and you surely have some other viewpoints for starters this tells us how cinema changes our mindset. The idea of romance is in people’s mind is usually extracted right out from a movie like no strings attached, how to lose a guy in 10 days, friends with benefits, the kissing booth, and the list goes on.


The storyline is usually the same where, a boy falling for a girl there is some crisis which challenges their love but ultimately the romance their way out of every problem and live happily ever after, but does this happen in real life?


Well let's start by defining romantic comedies: it is a genre of comedy that deals with love and romanticism in a light humorous way. Or to put it in simple words, these movies show two people falling in love, facing problems and somehow managing their way out of the problems, giving us a happy ending.


But do you think it's the best way to live life? The part you see in movies is a very small part of their lives. What if their life was not happy after all? It was offered as a different genre of movies that were light hearten but were not meant to be taken seriously.


The romcoms were a type get away offered mostly to women for them to imagine how a light romantic relationship is but as days became gone by the amount of ridiculousness became radical and debunked a modern human brain, it stills exists as an escapist fantasy to women who know their partners will never have the qualities possessed by the protagonist.


That is exactly where the problem starts. Although all of us watching the movie know it’s a fantasy, and unrealistic or far away from the reality to live the lives of characters shown on screen, but still sets unrealistically high standards for a romantic relationship and therefore get depressed when those standards are not met.


Don't get me wrong I am not against romcoms or romantic comedies as it is known, they are made from a good intention. I just don't believe in forced positivity. The message these movies try to convey maybe are good, but the steps shown to reach there is far away from the reality.


Although the relevance of any film depends on the way story is told but today the stories are dominated by the same style of storytelling without exploring other aspects of human behavior and human relationships, I believe many new angles are to be explored.


But not all romantic comedies are bad or cringe worthy, like ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’(2008) it perfectly depicts the comic side of romance in a loving gay relationship, most of the films which depict an LGBTQ+ relationship are often very dark and does not explore the comic part of the characters.


Not only that today we find a lot of romantic comedies are clubbed with other genres like thriller. These movies tell the same story in a different manner which makes it even more interesting. They also talk about social issues by making the audience laugh. Bollywood have also started making movies like these.


So I would conclude by saying that romantic comedies are an integral part of the film industry. However, too much of romcoms can be the reason for the corrupted mindset of youth and the ridiculous idea of the never-ending cycle of love and hate relationships.


I feel we as audience should know where to draw the line between fantasy and reality, only then can we enjoy these light hearten movies without letting our personal relations getting affected. These films should only be watched for entertainment purpose and to take refugee when you are drained by the modern dating.




Written by - @thatfunnykidinthecrowd

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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