Format Training Makes You a Well-Versed Dancer - Sharda

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1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

Born and brought up in Patiala, I was always like bold and loved dancing. Keeping dancing as my hobby or even dancing was not easy as my father always opposed it but my mother supported me so much as she also likes to dance. I did a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. Professionally I was working in the field of sales but currently looking for a better job and from almost 1.5 years I am living in Delhi.

It did not matter to me who all were opposing the fact that I dance but I continued it anyway because it is just one thing that I do entirely for myself by my heart. I did win many prizes in dance competitions that held in the city and during college days I was part of its dance team and represented our college in my fests and bagged many awards as well.

There were tough times also where I did not get enough support and had to listen to many harsh words which made me feel like so cheap, but my stubbornness helped me a lot to keep going anyway. No matter how much advancement will be there in India but still this narrow mindedness will never leave Indian’s mind because its all in our blood and that cannot be eradicated so easily.

If I have to put my journey in a nutshell it was tough, but all those problems made me stronger to fight other odds also. I was known for my dance in school and college as well and dance is the first thing that I am known for till date.

2. When did you first decide you wanted to pursue dancing and how did you start?

I liked dancing since my childhood. During school life, I participated in every possible event and that continued while I was in college too. I have also participated in various dance competitions held in the city and won many prizes as well. To be true I did not think of that I am pursuing dance like this. I just kept on dancing and liked to showcase, do not know when it became so important to me.

3. Who is your favourite dancer and why?

Trust me you cannot have just one favourite dancer. Dance has evolved so much with time and on this Earth, there are like numerous great dancers like Parris Goebel, Chachi Gonzales, Chow En Lai, Tushar Shetty, Ankit Sati, Dana Alexa, Kayce Rice and the list goes on. With the choreography, you get attracted to and not just with the dance style.

Sometimes you do not even know how to do that dance style, but the choreography is just so brilliant that the dancer becomes your favourite. Even dancers who are professionally pursuing dance as a career also will not have just one favourite dancer. Style and choreography make a dancer unique.

4. Can you throw some light on opportunities one gets as a dancer?

There are some opportunities one gets as a dancer like in the field on direction, theatre and not just only as a choreographer. Rest it all depends on the person how does he want to take his dance in which field and how it will be possible.

5. Is format training required or can one train themselves purely on the basis of talent?

In this era of technology learning, anything has become so easy but still, you need a format training. A teacher is required to polish your skills and work on your weaknesses. One must learn proper guidance for the technicality of dance style. Without basics, you cannot master anything. Talent is just an ability to dance, but format training makes you a well-versed dancer.

6. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring artists?

Keep dancing and keep inspiring people. 

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

Kafka On the Shore by Haruki Murakami. He has beautifully told the story about the need to let go and step out of your own reality in order to find out the life that is meant to be lived which makes it my favourite.

Interview by - Sonam

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