How Can One Broaden His/Her Perspective?

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What does broadening your perspective mean?

Broadening your perspective means looking at things that you have never looked at before and having a wider point of view regarding everything. It brings about creativity in your life and provides you with ideas and solutions which you never would have thought of if you didn’t have a broader perspective. Broadening your perspective helps you to take a step away and look at things around you with a clearer vision.

Why should you broaden your perspective?

Broadening your perspective is very essential for every person to do. It opens new doors that allow you to look at things differently, helping you in life to overcome obstacles and take up better opportunities by making better choices.

A great example to show how a broader perspective helps you is of a puzzle. If you are struggling to solve a puzzle that is right in front of you, with all its pieces disorganized; you can take a step back. Once you do this, you will be able to have a better and clearer view of the puzzle and as a result, you will solve it quickly. This would not have been possible if you had not taken a step back and had a broader view of the puzzle.

What are the different ways to broaden your perspective?

Several ways can be used by you in everyday life which will in turn help you broaden your perspective. You should keep the following points in mind to have a better perspective about things and make your life easier.

1. Listen more than you speak

Everyone has different opinions about things and most people prefer their way or like their own point of view about it. Letting the other person know about what is in your mind about something isn’t bad. But what’s worse is talking too much about what you think and not listen to what the other person has to say.

We need to value the other person’s point of view and perspective. This helps you learn more and become better listeners. It also makes the other person feel respected and valued since you are giving them a chance to speak, but their point and valuing it by considering it.

2. Read more and better

Reading is a very important aspect of life. Everyone should read something or the other every once in a while. Reading helps you look at things differently. It enhances your reading skills, improves your grammar, makes you well-versed with other people’s perspectives across the globe.

Reading autobiographies is something that gives you maximum benefit. It helps you look at how a person lived their life, the mistakes they made, how they overcame those mistakes, and found solutions to them. It helps you learn from other people’s mistakes and lead a better life in totality. Reading books of new authors, new genres, etc. is something that you should always try and do whenever you get the time.

3. Watch different things

Netflix is something that we all use to watch our favorite shows. But we often forget that apart from the shows, there are a lot of other things for us to watch such as documentaries, food shows, sports, shows about history, etc. Watching these will not only broaden our perspective but also be interesting and we should try it.

4. Meet new people

Being an introvert is simple yet not very beneficial. Going to new places and meeting new people is a very important thing for you to do. Talking to new people and making new friends is going to help you learn and understand where they come from, their traditions, etc. You will also be able to learn new things from them.

Their point of view about certain things will be different from your own and this way, you will not only be more educated but also have a different and new way of looking at things around you. Having this newly acquired perspective regarding certain things is going to help you in life when you have tough decisions to make or when you have to analyze a situation and give someone advice about it.

5. Ask more questions

Being inquisitive is never bad. Ask more questions from everyone regarding anything and everything. This not only applies to a conversation that you are having at a school, a college, or a workplace. It applies to life in general. Being inquisitive about the world around you, how things happen, why they happen are a few questions that you should ask people who have more experience than you. This will not only educate you but also expand your perspective and horizons at the same thing.

Written by - Hunnar Kaushal

Edited by - Chhavi Gupta

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