How to Deal With Criticism?


In general, we all have a habit of treating this renowned criticism word in a negative sense and we are the only one who let this word degrade us and affects in a way that is not supposed to be. Rarely few people who imbibe the criticism in a lucrative way and get the usefulness from this.

In this world of constant pressure, nobody appreciates you albeit you did something admirable work. Nowadays, this becomes the system to criticise the people because majorly people don’t like the success of others. So, they use the weapon of criticism to hamper the development and productivity of their counter parts.

Criticism basically means a sense of disagreement s delivered by people or more broadly speaking, it is a sense of disapproval and very often this term is taken in an abrogate way.

So, its completely in our hand that how can we take this term. It depends on person to person but, criticism leads to improvements in an individual too. We can also treat criticism in a way that can be beneficial for us. We can take this as a learning lesson from life and further it adds on to your experiences.

Criticism also helps you to prevent the mistakes that you have already done in your past. It will make you bolder and more tolerant.

But contrastingly, some of the persons are not able to take this in a positive way and hamper their development because of someone else’s viewpoints as some of are somewhat sensitive or not capable to deal with it.

Here are some ways that how can you prevent yourself or deal with the criticism -

1. Have the Patience to Listen to Others

It’s a good practice to always listen to others and give them attention. Because it is observed that the more you listen, the more you can get to learn and know. Indeed, no matter whether it is a criticism, you should hear. Hence, be focused on what other person wants to deliver.

2. Introspect

After listening, you should ponder or consider what others said to you. For that, you need to be more sceptical instead of being dogmatic. Introspect yourself that how can I improvise myself which leads to an all round development in you and in addition it also helps you to have a positive attitude and humble nature towards others.

3. Implement Those Pieces of Advice

When someone can utilize their precious time to suggest you, then give some reverence to them. And indeed, try to implement if you found any constructive which helps you in a way that you want. 

4. Source of Motivation

As it also stated that we are the only one who let the criticism affects in a bad way, we can also alter this mechanism in a way that it can be proved beneficial for us and paves the way for us. So try to mould harsh words of criticism into motivation and make use of it for your future.

Hence, we can also make this as a source of motivation.

These are some of the through which you can able to deal with the criticism in a more positive or effective way by following these aforementioned points.

Eventually, understand the fact that you are not doing your work and put your endeavour to please people, so you don’t need to prove yourself right invariably instead you can focus more on listening others viewpoints no matters if they are harsh, at the end you will realize that you actually gained something from that criticism.

Written by - Deepanshu Sharma
Edited by - Kashish Chadha

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