How to Write an Opinion?

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"Everyone should have their own opinion and be able to voice it. No matter what it is. Of course, that does not mean your opinion is always right. But, you're certainly entitled to your opinion."- Tim McGraw


Opinionated articles are your own expressions that help you stand with or against any issue. Most of us write opinion articles on political issues and current affairs. There can never be a format to express your opinion on any issue. But, certainly, there are ways through which you can enhance the quality of your opinionated articles:

1. Use Conversational Tone

With reducing attention span of people, it is difficult to create an article that interests people. The introductory paragraph is the most important part of any article that decides whether the reader would go on reading or leave the site to read some other article. Therefore, put questions in your introductory paragraph to make it more engaging. Provide a thoughtful base to cultivate curiosity in your readers about your opinion. Active voice is engaging to the audience whereas passive voice sounds technical and factual. To give a natural voice to your article, make sure that it is in the active voice. You can learn the difference and usage of active and passive voice Here.

2.Avoid Being Diplomatic/Tactful/Mild-Mannered

Most of the print media is willing to offer columns to new writers who are bold and fierce in their voice. Do not sugar coat your opinions as it would not impact your viewers' minds. Select a topic on which you have strong opinions and appropriate knowledge. Your writings should make people aware of the perspective they never thought of.

Even if it means standing against the majority opinion, you should not shy away from putting your arguments clearly. Even if you get criticism from a section of society, that would not only make your writings popularity but also the exposure to the kind of audience you will or will not be targeting in the future. It is okay to be not admired by everyone for the opinion you put out through your writings because not everyone would agree to your opinions, but once you attract your own audience who share your thoughts and opinions, it will be very easy for you to put out bold statements in your articles.

3. Bring Novelty to Your Article

While doing your research work, you'll go through many articles regarding your topic. Analyze the common points that are being covered in most of the articles and then come up with new arguments that have not been discussed before. For doing so, you can go through the counter articles of your opinion.

For instance, if you want to write in favor of the Uniform Civil Code then research articles that are written against this topic. You will encounter many arguments that need to be addressed and countered through your opinions. Even though it is an opinionated article, you must support your arguments with factual data and surveys. Always stick to the context while you explain your data as it would refine your article to be on spot.

4. Finish off With a Solution

If you write your opinion against any issues then make sure that you conclude it with the preferred solutions. Don't be a teacher and explain your suggestions to lengths. If you write in favor of some issue then you can conclude with the unknown realities and facts of the issue.

Make sure you show the readers why they should care. Remember that opinionated commentaries are your own honest reviews, therefore, do not change the side in your conclusion. Sometimes, we think of giving it a balanced look by giving the opposite perspective in conclusion from what we wrote in the introduction and body, this would reduce your impact on your viewers' psyche. 

Opinion articles help you to raise your voice on topics ranging from local happenings to international controversies. You can actually voice your ideas and thoughts and influence your viewers' views on the issue you choose. Make sure that your article is short and specific, keeping the word limit range between 700-750 words.  Opinionated articles don't beat around the bush. You can learn more about opinionated writings by clicking here.

The truth will always prevail, remember that. Don't be afraid to write on politically controversial things because, even it gets rejected or inappropriate, the readers will be intrigued to know what's the reason behind such controversies. The movie, Bajirao Mastani is a perfect example of this. Hope you'll concur with my views and start working on topics you strongly believe in!

Written By- Khushi Prajapati

Edited By- Kashish Chadha

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