I Am More of a Live in the Moment Person - Tanya Abrol (Actress)

Tanya Abrol

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1. Tell us about your background and journey. 

I am Girl born in a simple family with agricultural background in a small town ABOHAR in PUNJAB ! I Finished my school from here ( LRS DAV sen. Secondary school) and then moved to Chandigarh for further studies ! I had to put my foot down to convince my father to let me go to Chandigarh to study and i worked hard for it too ! he was a bit apprehensive to send me so far away ! But i did not budge! I went ahead with sports trials , college use to give concession in college and hostel fee. 

I scored above the cut off percentage required by the college ! I was ranked 2nd in 12th in my school! So when head or department asked me why in sports , I told her I am passionate about sports and also my father is not very keen on sending me off to another city. This way I can tell him he wont have to spend more than he would have in abohar .

I have always been into sports and i have played NATIONALS in JUDO while i was in college ( MCM DAV COLLEGE FOR WOMEN , CHANDIGARH)  I started off with basketball and then played state level basketball , shot-put throw and disc throw AND later on softball! That's how, while i was in second year of my graduation , got the opportunity to audition for' a film  for Yashraj with SHAHRUKH KHAN .
Our head of sports department told us all the sports girls must audition because its a sports film. I was in Girls hostel and it was very strict . I just went for fun to audition at Tagore theatre in Chandigarh, so that we all will get to hang 'OUT' of the hostel ! Little did I know that I would be short listed and will be called to the tinsel town. It took some more convincing to get my father onboard but I already have had some practice. So I skipped a year of my studies and played the role of "BALBIR KAUR" 

2. Did you ever think or dream of being an actor? 

Never. I wanted to be an IAS OFFICER  or law! However i was always active in extra curriculars , stage and dance

3. How can one approach their career and have the confidence and belief to become an actor? 

It was not a conventional approach in my case ! I became a known actor and then worked my way around to get work , which is equally difficult or may be more because there are high expectations. But conventionally speaking or how things should be done - some sort of formal training in the profession, theatre work , portfolio and approach the production houses, and casting agencies . 

Everything is on social media now! You can follow the page or account and follow up from there ! It really helps if you know someone personally , they can guide you and maybe even give you some contacts ! Honestly rarely works out that way ! Mostly you get work on your own credit. Believe in your craft and work on yourself everyday ! Also , complete your studies !! Looking at current scenario of pandemic, one must have another skill to make a better life!

4. If not this, what would you be doing? 

I don't think about what could have happened! at least not professionally , but on personal front , I think I would have become a mother by now .. haha. Kidding !! Honestly i am more of a live in the moment person 

5. For a compete outsider with inroads, what advice would you like to give? 

Don't let others decide who you are , take positive suggestions but don't believe in everything they say. What worked for them may  to work for you . And something that can work for you may not work for them . Millions of people , million different possibilities. Always have plan B and go full throttle !

6. What is your mantra of success? 

To tell you the Mantra , I will have to define success . I don't know the definition to that but I can comment on how I live my life ! Well ! If you ever face a problem ,try to solve it ,if you succeed then there s nothing to worry, and if you can't solve it , what's the point of worrying ! Work hard , but live more !

7. Which is your favorite book and why?

I like short stories by Ruskin Bond because firstly a lot of stories are about his experience in India! Its simple and straightforward! Also its not a lengthy read ! 

- Tanya Abrol 

Interviewed by - Gurleen Kaur

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