I Took the Road Which Will Lead Me to a Happier Being - Riya Kakkar

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

The journey of my food blogging handle can be  summarised with the famous saying that “ The best decisions in life are born out of boredom”

I have been born and brought up in Agra and I am an Economics graduate. Unfortunately, I completed my graduation during the pandemic i.e May 2020 and it was then I wished to switch my career option from willing to pursue Masters, I took the road which will lead me to a happier being and I started with my page on social media with the view that I put up whatever cuisines I will try making and whatever I will learn.

I found solace in Baking and Cooking when pandemic started to get on my nerves. I have been baking since my school days but my cakes and cookies were not as tempting as they turn out now, thanks to the confidence that my people had in me. So, this 2-month-old Instagram handle started all because of the push and encouragement of one of my friend and now its an amalgamation of both blog and me being a home baker, I have a long way to go along with an aim to get a professional degree in the same.

2. What led you to do food blogging?

Love for food and the curiosity to try on different flavours, the beautiful heart and soul that one put in while making or creating food and the scrumptious food that my mother prepares for all of us, is what that has always grabbed my attention since long.

Food blogging or basically creating videos has been a fun activity for me, something that I am really enjoying and also blogging happened to me when I was trying out different ways to keep myself sane during the quarantine. I believe that social media is a great platform for all those who have bigger things in mind to achieve and this can be a great base for your pillars to stand.

3. What does your typical day look like?

Me, being a night owl, don't have a very early morning wakeup but whatever my routine and schedule are I tend to spend most of my time in the kitchen with my mommy and whatever I have learned so far is because of her. Also, I spend a lot of time learning online from different bakers and pastry chefs, since all the colleges are at a halt.

4. When did you first decide to create content about food?

As I already mentioned that this idea came to me approximately 2 months back during the pandemic and it was a sudden decision to follow my love for food both savouries and bakery stuff that I have been longing for, and this lead to the creation of Cakesandsavouries.

5. Is there a dish you particularly associate with yourself?

Since I am not a professional chef, I don't associate myself to a particular dish, but yes I am very fond of Italian and North Indian cuisine. And I can say that I have been acing variety of Pasta after a lot of trial and errors.

6. Which is your favourite book and why?

I was never an ardent reader and didn't read religiously until I found how important it was for me to lift up my mindset and boost up my confidence and erase the problems of self-doubt. I do not have a long list of books but two books which have completely changed my way of thinking are- “Discussions on Youth” by Daisaku Ikeda and The Gita. I have read only half of the Gita and still on it but it has helped me in ways.

Interview By - Suhani Mangleek

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