If You Believe You Can Do Then the Sky Is the Limit - Manthralaya Nivasan

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1. Tell us more about your journey. 

I started my career in 1993 immediately after my graduation. I started working for a company (Network (HCL Group)) selling Electronic Typewriter & Fax Machine. 

Then moved to Medical Division Selling Ultrasound Scanner & Laparoscopy Instrument. Being a Commerce graduate selling High-End Science equipment was good Leaning. 

After that Moved to Digital Marketing in 1996 when the world was waking up to the internet. Then Moved to the FMCG sales with Hindustan Lever Limited learned a lot before moving to the Telecom Industry in 2002. 

Did 8 years of telecom learning and moved to Automobile (TVS Motor) to head the All India Sales through Activation & Institution Business. In 2018 moved as Head the sales of the TVS Housing (Emerald Haven Realty) based out of Chennai. 

I don’t know it was a design or by choice was lucky to work for different industries learn and cross implement things and succeed in life. 

2. What is the typical role of a BD person in any organization? 

It is a very important role in a sales organization. 

Why because BD is the First person in the company who can meet the end consumer and get to understand the pulse of the customer and give feedback to the company for increasing the sales. 

3. What skills does one need to make a career in BD/Sales? 

  • First & Foremost the desire to excel and achieve should be there. 
  • The BD needs to keep his eyes and ears open for any information he gets from the market from any source. 
  • He should be aggressive at the same time willing and taking constructive customer feedback with a smile. 
  • Think differently. 
  • Enjoy what he is doing, whether he is selling a pin or a plane the process is the same only depth of knowledge and how much he hears what the customer wants, he can close the deal faster. 

4. Could you share some generic tips for lead conversion? 
  • Listen. Listen & Listen to your customer: One size does not fit all. You might have the best of the product but the customer might not have the budget or vice versa. Without understanding the customer requirement if we start selling, we will fail 95% of the time. 
  • Strike a chord with the customer with anything which is common. 
  • Do not lie. It is not one sale. A happy customer can give min 1 reference or sale but an unhappy customer will 100% ensure you lose 10 sales. 
  • Know your product well. Never degrade any of your competitor's products. Always say what is good in your product rather than saying your product is better than your competition which will make your customer think that your product is not good. 
  • Proper follow up after visit & sales will increase sales. 

5. How can one know if they have a knack for BD and will enjoy the role? 

Normally people who are extroverted fit this role well. 

Secondly, if he follows the proper sales process, he will see a better result and will enjoy the role. 

Many a time we depend on external factors to succeed but if we follow the process it takes time but will succeed on a longer run. 

Life is simple ctrl c & Ctrl v is the best example I have. We do not need different solutions for every problem we have. Simply adopt one of the proven methods with a small change as required by you and you will succeed. 

6. Which is your favorite book and why? 

Lots of books are there. One of my special is “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne is simple but very powerful. The basic essence is if you believe you can do then the sky is the limit. 

Manthralaya Nivasan

Retail Consultant. 
Targeting senior level opportunities in Sales & Business Development. 

Interview By - Sandeep Virothu 

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