Insights on Instagram by an Influencer: Anupa Sahu


What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?
Instagram is a great platform for building a community. I had started on Instagram with the intention of promoting my blog and slowly got more involved. It gives you space where you can directly communicate with your audience.
How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer?
Blogger is someone who might not have a huge following but publishes her opinion and puts out information on her blog for anyone to consume. Whereas, an influencer is someone who influences a mass audience with her actions and content. Has the ability to convert a potential buyer of a product by recommending something. 
A blogger can be both a blogger and an influencer but an Influencer cannot be a blogger without a blog.

Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?
It is not financially sustainable for the initial few months. It is a constant process. Building a community and working hard to improve content is the key. If you have a strong bond with your audience then you get bigger and better work opportunities. 

What do you think influences consumer behavior?
I think these days, consumers are very smart. They know what they need or are looking for. They are well aware thanks to internet availability. If a brand can crack the gap between what the consumers are looking for in a particular product and what the other brands provide them. Then, the brand is solving the consumer’s problems. And, if the influencers that they follow and trust talks about it and gives the first-hand experience then that influences the consumer behavior.
Your opinion on Instagram contemplating removing likes option for posts.
Ans. It is for our good. I know the Instagram business is quantified on various factors including the numbers. But, brands can ask the influencers for insights. Everyone does not have to know. Once it is removed, it will be more focused on content quality. Good for mental health.

What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?
Money comes and goes. Stay true to yourself and your audience. In the end, everything would be good!
Create. Love. Repeat.

I am Anupa Sahu, a digital content creator from Bangalore. I work around fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I love making makeup videos, sharing tips, and hacks. My sense of styling is very casual and hence, I called it #casuallystylish 

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