Insights on Instagram by an Influencer: Aashima Lamba


What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?
It's gone to too many roads. Now, I think it's on a way to just be myself and if others think that it's worth following and there are some inspirations, that'd be a success for me. What led me to start this page was honestly the zeal to be a name in the market. Now it's about expressing myself through my weird, not so friendly captions.
How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer?
Well, if you write a blog, you are a blogger. If you influence people in any way (comedy/fashion/beauty/etc) you are an influencer. Believe it or not. People have this misconception of anyone who is famous is a blogger. A model, a painter, an influencer. It's not the case though. In some way, we are disrespecting bloggers by using the term just like that for anyone. It's a profession that requires a huge amount of patience, hard work, concentration, and whatnot.
An influencer is someone who in some way or the other has an impact on the audience. Obviously going by the literal meaning.
Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?
You can if you influence the right kind of audience. But there are brands, who would still want you to work for free, which makes it too difficult to make a living out of it. For some influencers it has worked really well, for the other it hasn't
What do you think influences consumer behavior?
If I put myself out there as a consumer, I'd buy/go for a thing when the other person isn't trying too hard to sell it. Your opinion on Instagram contemplating removing likes option for posts.
I'm okay with that concept. And even if I'm not it doesn't really matter. Too much is going on. Instagram is up to a lot of changes lately. I'd really like it if they simply get done with all the changes once and for all and we all can live happily thereafter.
What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?
For some people, success is when you have achieved everything you had dreamt of. And people start respecting you for that. But also, success is dreaming for more and more and wanting more until you die. I might be able to comment on it if I am super successful someday.
The mantra in life has to be to just go on. Do not rely on anyone or anything. Do whatever you want. Build the bridge and keep walking on it or break it if need be. Just do what makes you happy and content. 

I'm a computer science engineer. Have always felt there is something in fashion for me. So, I started exploring my options as soon as I completed my bachelor's. And here I am.

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