Interested in Calligraphy? Become a Professional


Have you tried even once to make the front cover of your projects captivating with stylized fonts? At least some of us have made attempts to illustrate the fascinating stylized letters on the back page of your notebooks in-class hours.
There would be many photography lovers who crave for a camera, another group comprises of people wanting to own a bullet and make merry during the vacation. Similarly, there would be a bunch of people who needs a sketch pad and a pen, but an ordinary pen.
So what are they attempting to do?
They are embarking to conquer the art of calligraphy writing.

Calligraphy: The Ink Art
Art was for centuries considered as a means of deriving and imparting pleasure. Those who were associated with arts were often neglected by society and deemed to be inferior. But the scenario is now changing and paving way for artists of all kinds to transform, teach, and inspire the society through multiple ways, one being the art made out of the pen.
The ink in your pen can be a source to create wonders in a sheet of paper. The alphabets of any language are flexible enough to be twisted and turned in as many ways as possible to deem elegance to everything your pen walks on. Both the flexibility of alphabets or numerical and your hands are instrumental in lending charm to the written material.

Calligraphy: A Synopsis
- Calligraphy is a work of art. It is the art of creating letters and numerical in special fonts, typefaces, and styles to make the text or poster impressive.
- Calligraphy impresses everyone the same way a painting does with the use of rare and multiple colors and unnatural, yet invincible styles.
- The stroke of the letters can be manipulated in such a way as to create a visual treat for the onlookers.

Calligraphy: Purpose
- Different fonts are employed in different contexts. The fonts employed decide whether the communication process is formal or informal.
For example, We use Times New Roman style for formal purposes like projects and resumes.
- It is used to call attention and allows the content to stand out in a crowd the same way one dresses up well enough to attract others.
For example, advertisement flexes use calligraphy to attract viewers. The same is used for film posters also to strike the people's eye.

Calligraphy: A Gifted Hobby
Kids after having amazed by stylized letters on magazines or storybooks start to copy it for fun. With time and labor, they become obsessed with this hobby. So they employ this in their assignment cover pages and notebook covers. With encouragement, they become a pro and people start approaching them to help them with their faculty.
Sometimes people find it interesting when they see varied kinds of calligraphy pens in the racks of shopping stores. Those colorful calligraphy pens demand attention from the customers and people purchase it for fun. So there are people who try calligraphy out of sheer fascination.

Revamp Your Hobby to a Skilled Profession
A hobby can be reshaped to a skillful profession shortly after you gain a bit of experience. You might have never considered building it as a career. But once you manage to create a niche in the market, your work can gain wide currency even at an international level.
In a way, you cannot just push back calligraphy work as a side business. It is a field that is possibly going to extend its influence over people in the coming years.
Freelance works in calligraphy can be a good source of income too. You can pair your passion with profession and money comes to you in handy. Wedding cards, logo designs, magazine covers, newsletters, etc: cannot breathe magnificence without the touch of calligraphy.
Calligraphy lovers, please take a look.

How Can It Thrill You as a Career?
- If you prefer freelance works, you can escape from the office hours and start earning sitting at the comfort of your couch.
- In this modern age when everything comes to you in the click of a button, you can market your works through various social media platforms. This is the best way of gaining popularity if you are an expert in this art.
- A master in calligraphy can impart his skill to others also. Teach others the tips and ways to master this art either in person or through online classes.
- Decorate your wall and writing pads with calligraphy. You can also adorn birthday cards and postcards with calligraphy works and gift it to your friends.

The art of calligraphy can well be exploited for any purpose. Opportunities are generous for calligraphy writers in this era as people began to invite changes in the traditional perspectives. Now mankind knows the value of art. They have come to know that art is not an empty well but something that is flooded with meaning.
Let the ink flow free from your pen. Polish your thoughts and uphold the calligraphy culture.

Written by - Maryam Salim

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