Journaling and the Growth of Mindset


Everyone now is talking about developing and nurturing a set of new habits and trying our best to implement it as part of the new norm after the end of this pandemic. Journaling is amidst the top five habits highly recommended to work on it.
The fact of point, a plethora of celebrities, businessmen, and other spokesmen dedicated a lot of effort to talk about this precious habit that will pay off forever. Even Albert Einstein is considered a great microcosm of those who believed the power of journaling and its great reverberations on the growth of our mindset as well as our vision of life.
A little time devoted to this habit can work wonders and will go a long way. Let’s now see some aspects that we can ameliorate by incorporating Journaling as a habit.

1- Self Reflection
Basically, most of us, or of those who have developed this great habit, seize the night to write all our thoughts, reflect upon the day, our job, and even about the things we see wrong or right to spot the light on it during our lives.
That’s why it’s not a surprise if you notice that most of those who are self-conscious about their falls and about their dreams are those who journal for a long time.
This opportunity of self-reflecting on their deeds and their potentials will allow them to further improve and mark their future with brighter light. This will hope them to address certain questions like Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want to be? What can I do for now? What am I doing wrong? Other questions that will definitely carry them on a self-discovery journey.
It’s pretty much a safe reflection space dedicated to ourselves to be completely honest, no excuses, no fake compliments, and no sense of loss. Each and everyone while journaling is pouring parts of himself and his authentic identity to those holy papers.
There’s no doubt that this space will allow us to be brutally honest and to spot all the things we need to mark and work on them. Even Mark Cuban, the great coach of business, advocates the value of honesty and self-awareness to ensure further development.

2-Setting a Future Vision
After having enough space and time to plan for the future, reflect on your needs as well as achievement; you’ll notice a great transformation in the way you think and most importantly in the way you vision your future.
It’s basically nurturing your existence with a basic vision for you as a human being, as a citizen, or whatever you perceive yourself to be.
This would definitely add excitement to your life to further pursue your real call or interest in this life. This further pushes you ahead to make another step in this extra-mile. As Simon Sinek said once, “Excitement comes from the achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey that got you there”
The fact that all these goals, sub-goals, dreams will be recorded and constantly working as a reminder to set the vision in a crystal clear way. Thus, your life will be gradually filled with miracles that are nothing but the nickname of all your organized and well-dedicated efforts to further glow.
As time goes on and on, you’ll earn to stand with yourself, to be solution-oriented, and to always accept challenges wholeheartedly as step forth to development and growth.

3-The Mindset
This journey of gratitude and acknowledgments of the entire and absolute transformation in your life with all the ups and downs will make you proud. This pride excels on many occasions when you strike your goals when you are acknowledged within your work environment and even at your own low times.
The growth at setting goals, dealing with problems or obstacles, the way of welcoming new challenges, the way of setting further goals and visioning your own path regardless of all the odds, is a substantial proof about your growth of mindset.
No more panic attacks at small challenges, no more feelings of being stacked at the same circle or process. The growth will be felt, tested, and even proved by you yourself regardless of what the other folks would say about this change.
You’ll learn through all the hard ways that working yourself off and dedicating your inner fire totally to your goals, without whining about all the conditions or about how horrible the circumstances that you’re going through. They are the fabric of your own success story that you are about to achieve.
Soon enough you’ll be able to recognize clearly that your own present, your own happiness, and fate is well determined by your own thoughts. The process of controlling your own thoughts, organizing them according to the degree of urgency and importance of them will be a bitter-sweet one. It’s fundamentally your key to unlock your wild spirit –your own phoenix- and launch your wings widely and to start flying.
Once you do, you’ll realize that bringing yourself to the present, working on your decisions as well as controlling your mindset will lead you to find your own line of gold, so work hard on them.

With all of that being said and reflected upon, I leave guys with a link for quite an interesting video about the importance of our mindset. This will help you determine the greatness of this power as well as the importance to know further information about it.

Written by - Syrine Landolsi
Edited by - Neha Kundu

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