Law of Attraction: A Myth or a Reality


Regardless of what we had achieved in our journeys so far, we always aspire for greater and better stuff. This act of questioning our degree of success and potentials to spot the cherry crème on the cake would lead others to look for short cuts or new strategies to reach their goals rapidly.

In this light, the law of attraction has been perceived lately as an interesting topic. But, it is also as an urgent topic to learn about it and manifest it.

While digging in YouTube to enrich my humble knowledge and reach almost the horizons of this topic, I come across a great set of videos merely talking about the basics about .

That’s why I’ll share with you a mind-blowing video, you must watch it.

With that being said, let’s dive into this realm and decode its three basic elements.


The process that activates the law of attraction is quite simple in reality and it depends pretty much on what we ask from this universe or this Cosmos, and how we ask it.

It’s of primordial importance to mention the fact that the law of attraction exercised for ages. Regardless of the name attributed to it or where it was originated, one must consider that all of those who believed in it stressed on the need to ask what we want from the universe in the proper way.

Yes! You read it correctly asking the right or proper way. Since everything in this globe has energy and vibration steaming from it, the belief that our manner of asking solely revolves around our energy and actions. Therefore, it merely revolves around these vibrations.

The act of asking is really simple and it depends on visualizing who you want to be, what you want to have and how you want your life to be as well. Diving into these details will be of great importance to boost your energy and motivate you to work on realizing this dream.

Clear and positive vision of your aspirations and your needs from this cosmos will help you to unveil what you’ll have in the future.

Possessing this tight control over your thoughts and your vision for the future will help you to  be more self-aware, determined and have a vibrant life filled with great energy.

2. Believe in It

Numerous are the manifestations that you’re seeking in your future life. There are physical, emotional, intellectual and even psychological aspirations. The trigurey part of this step is to act as if they are already exciting with you and you’re in total control of it.

There’s a great repeated proverb that says: “fake it till you make it” and you’ll notice a lot of people who follow that rule in particular seldom they face failure in their lives. The idea is that by faking it and following the rule, you are practicing on how to handle this matter along side with its manifestations.

For instance, when you act cool about having a humble car, and in your head you’re imagining having a range rover. You’re not only asking the universe for this new car range rover, but you’re also preparing yourself on how to act once you have it.

So, you’ll notice that the more you do it the more you’ll notice that it really becomes easier and you sooner you’ll get your goals or your dreams that you have been asking the universe about it sooner.

Dig further into your past, this will help you to reflect on all your previous experiences and to acknowledge what you have intentionally or unintentionally worked out through the law of attraction.

3. The Process of Receiving

This last step is basically bout receiving signs or gut instincts that you are on the right track of the train; working on your manifestations that are soon will be real.

These signs can be unclear sometimes and they can get the form of an opportunity. That’s why you need to “live as if”. This life style revolves basically around the concept that each and every opportunity or a person or any thing that gets in our lives is either to stay and teach us something or it’s a reward from the universe from previous experiences or hardships.

Taking the leap of the unknown might be stressful, but always remember that this new chance is a new experience sent by the universe as a replay to all your vibrations and calls for the last time; whether you are aware or unaware of it.

Taking action is quiet essential to make progress and receive the right insights and outcomes from all this process of asking, believing and receiving the affirmations from following the law of attraction.

Don’t fall in the trap of just asking and believing without making action for accepting change as part of the process, because it might be the insights given by the cosmos to show you that you’re on the right track or even to make you alternate a bit in your plans.


The law of attraction has been received with great appreciation over the centuries and a lot of celebrities and even scientists followed and believed it, including the genius Albert Einstein. 

One thing for sure is that to realize what you are going through in this journey of your life on earth, you’ll have to contemplate your life in the past, your environments, your net work and your aspirations and just follow the process of the law and everything will fall in its place.

Written by - Syrine Landolsi

Edited by - Neha Kundu

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