Menstruation: Bursting Myths

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In places like India, parents feel awkward to talk about periods with their children. A large number of populations consider this natural cycle to be impure, curse, or dirty. Girls get their first period when they are 12 years old and sometimes as early as 8 years too. It depends on an individual’s hormonal functions. This is why parents are supposed to talk about the big day and educate them so that girls will not get panicked as soon as they see blood discharging from their vagina.

According to research, it is known that around 62% of young women still use clothes during periods which are unhygienic. This leads to cervical cancer, Reproductive Tract Infections, Urinary tract infection, etc. It is important for a girl child to manage her monthly cycle in a healthy manner. We have sanitary napkins which are biodegradable and also menstrual cups. Women who cannot afford these can also use cotton pads which are chemical free for better hygiene as they do not cause rashes. 

Education starts at home. We must see that parents talk to their children without any awkwardness or hestitation. Even boys should be educated about this. We must see that our toilets are clean.  

Here is a short tale. When Sarika was on her periods, she was asked not to touch plants, not to walk all over home, and not to touch pickles. She was allotted a separate room for five days, she was not supposed to go to temple, go to school, play, wear new clothes, and polish her nails. Sarika was clueless and asked her mom about all these rules, her mother didn’t answer her properly and said to follow them accordingly. 

Let us now burst a few myths and taboos about this natural cycle.

Myth 1: The Blood Is 'Dirty'

Remember this, ‘PERIOD AND PERIOD BLOOD IS NOT IMPURE’. It is the blood that is flowing in your body, how can it be named dirty or impure? There is nothing gross about it. Menstrual blood is mainly composed of blood, old parts of uterine tissue, cells from the lining of vagina and bacteria making up the vaginal flora. Next time when someone states it dirty, educate them. A high-five if you are going to do this! 

Myth 2: Do Not Go Out From Your Room

When these rules were crafted there were no hygienic conditions to live. Women usually have cramps, headache, diarrhoea, and back pain. This rule was framed as they cannot be active at work and were given rest. However, in today’s modern world, we have sanitary napkins as our saviours. It is completely okay to go out and work if you are active. There are medicines available if you are having severe pains. Try these home remedies for some relief. 

Myth 3: Do Not Exercise

Oh! Can we exercise during a period? This is a million dollar question. Exercising will never harm your menstrual cycle. If you feel like doing it, regular light exercises can actually help you to reduce cramps during your period. Here are a few aasanas to give you relief from pains. 

Myth 4: Do Not Cook Food, It Will Be Poisoned/ Do Not Touch Pickles

Did your grandma tell you the same? Child, don’t touch pickle, it will rot and do not cook food, it gets poisoned. Haha! Fun apart; there is a scientific research which proved that food cooked or touched when you are on period will never get spoiled or contaminated. Cook and eat happily!

Myth 5: If You Miss a Period, You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is the most common reason for missing a period. But, it takes time to get your second period. For some girls, it may take a year. Few women may have hormonal problems and do not get a period monthly. It may be a PCOD problem, sometimes. Your period cycle may not be exactly 28 days sometimes. But still, if you are sexually active and missed a period, go for a pregnancy test. 

Myth 6: PMS Is in Your Head

PMS is not all about bad moods and it is definitely not a cliché. The experience of premenstrual symptoms is not the same as premenstrual syndrome. Bad moods and the premenstrual experience do not go hand in hand for everyone.

Go through this article to know the taboos regarding PCOS from our website.

So, wake up everyone! Know the facts and burst the myths. There is nothing wrong in bleeding and all the women out there, be happy to bleed and embrace your uniqueness. Not just women, men too should be supportive and understanding of the fact that it's just natural to menstruate. Beware yourselves from the taboos associated with it and be an aware individual!

Written By -  Sravanthi Cheerladinne

Edited By - Kashish Chadha


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