One Thing That I Have Always Believed in Is to Deserve Before One Desires - Sayanta Modak (Television Actor and YouTuber)

1. Tell us about your background and journey. 

Well to start off from the early days, I didn’t have the best of childhood or we can say not how most people have it, but god compensated that with the best parents I could have had. They have supported me from the very beginning and gave the best they could. 

During school days, I was confused about life, my career and what I wanted to do. You’re gonna read the word confused a lot of times in this interview because that’s who I am and that’s why my YouTube Channel’s name is also - The ‘Confused’ Box

Coming back to the story, it was after my class 9 half yearly exams, I was coming back from school and there used to be these people selling pirated CDs. I started looking at them and one CD cover caught my eyes, it was Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. 

Bought it for Rs.20, came back home and I was wowed by those moves. The next 6 months went in being literally obsessed about MJ and I had picked up all his moves. I used to shoot these dance videos copying him and upload on Orkut until someone from school noticed and asked me to join a dance group named Bonepopperz (they were quite famous in the school college circuit) 

I met Satyaki, the group’s choreographer and mentor, he is the guy who trusted me and I don’t know why he thought I could win the world. I still have no idea how and why he still thinks so. He shaped me into a better dancer and a better performer. 

He sent me to Dance India Dance auditions in that particular year and I thought it was a crazy idea, but guess what? I got selected and went on till top 60. I was offered a job by Remo D’sauza post the show. The journey has been exciting from then, with a lot of ups and downs which I guess makes it interesting, I have performed with the likes of Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma etc.

Have done a few regional Television Shows in Bengal and now working on growing my YouTube Channel as well trying to take my acting career graph above. I’m blessed to have such supporting parents and my girlfriend for being my Pillars.

2. Did you ever think or dream of doing a tv show?

Never! As a child like I said earlier I was very confused and didn’t know what I wanted to do. But yeah, once I stepped in, I never wanted to leave the camera. This is what I love doing and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

3. When did you first decide that you wanted to create content and how did you start? 

I remember I had shot a Vlog of a bike ride and  was so not sure whether to edit & upload it that I dumped the raw files for more than a month. I shot a dance video later and i uploaded it, got good response and then thought ok so let me just upload that vlog.

4. How can one approach their career and have the confidence and belief to make it on a TV show? 

One thing that I have always believed in is honesty and to deserve before one desires. If you know your work you’ll rock it. Hard work and confidence comes hand in hand.

5. If not this, what would you be doing? 

I would still be confused for the rest of my life wondering what to do that gives me happiness. I’m lucky that I found people who pushed me where I am today. 

6. Is vlogging and YouTube content creation a financially sustainable career? 

I would not suggest anyone to depend on this from the beginning, give it an year or two see if things turn out to be good then one can depend on this financially. 

7. For a complete outsider with no inroads, what advice would you like to give?

Let no one make you believe that you can’t make it. Though i don’t think the Bengali Television Industry is quiet open to newcomers, almost 80% actors who are working currently are from non-filmy backgrounds.

8. What is your mantra of success? 

Talent wrapped with a lot of Hardwork. 

9. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content? 

I have never thought it that way. I’m a Lifestyle Vlogger, what my Gf & I do, I put it up as a Video once a week. We never really stress on it. We keep it as much real as possible. 

10. Which is your favourite book and why?

I’m not at all a book person, The last book I read was "An Actor Prepares".

- Sayanta Modak
Instagram @theconfusedbox

- Interview by - Sourish Sinha

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