Prevalent Marketing Strategies of Mother Dairy

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Mother Dairy - About the brand

Mother Dairy is a brand that was established back in 1974 by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and is thus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of it. It was started for making India a milk- sufficient nation.

The brand has not only sustained in the country for over 45 years but has also grown immensely. It initially started producing milk and later, with innovations and techniques, it has started producing a vast variety of products such as all kinds of milk products- ghee, butter, curd, cheese; edible oils, fruits and vegetables, frozen vegetables, jams, etc. and has successfully built an image in every person’s mind about having all kinds of products for every household’s varied needs and wants.

Growth of the brand

Just like any other brand, Mother Dairy also followed a marketing mix method to promote its products and reach crores of people across the country. For every company, it is very important to keep in mind a few points to grow and survive in highly competitive markets. These points are as follows:

1. Making sure that the product manufactured satisfies the needs of the target audience.

2. Producing products that are tailored to suit the wants of the people since the environment is dynamic and is constantly changing.

3. Provide a wide variety of products so that the customers have the option of choosing what they want from several options.

4.Following the necessary steps to promote the product in the market.

5.Keeping in mind the societal needs by fulfilling social responsibility.

What do you mean by the marketing mix?

The marketing mix refers to a set of tools that a firm uses to pursue its objectives in the target market. The marketing mix involves 4p’s namely- Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Mother Dairy uses all four of these elements to do the right type of marketing required for its products.

What are the marketing strategies used by Mother Dairy?

The marketing strategies used by mother dairy are- 

1. Product

Product means ‘anything of value’ of the customer. In this case, Mother Dairy has several products to offer to its customer such as milk, ghee, butter, vegetables, fruits, etc. The physical appearance of the products is not all that is needed. The benefit derived from it is equally important. Customers will not buy a product that is costly but gives less utility. Other aspects such as after-sales services, etc. are also equally important. A variety of products is also very important.

The brand has broadened its product line. Earlier, it was restricted only to milk and milk products. Now, the brand has introduced other products such as fruits, vegetables, edible oils, etc. This has indeed helped to increase the sales of the brand since there are many items available for varied households.

2. Price

Price is the number of money customers has to pay to acquire the product. It is very necessary for the customers to feel that the price is in line with the product. The law of demand also applies here which states that if the demand for the product goes up, its price falls and vice-versa.

The price of Mother Dairy’s products varies with inflationary changes and geographical areas as well. Since the products produced by Mother Dairy are highly competitive thus the brand needs to keep lower prices. Since the company has a huge infrastructure, it can compensate for the costs with a large volume of produce.

3. Place

The brand has 1000 exclusive stores and 1400 retail outlets across the country. Place or physical distribution includes activities that make a firm’s product available to the target market. There are 2 major decisions that are to be taken by the company. They are -
  • Deciding the channel of distribution.
  • Managing inventory, etc.
Mother Dairy uses 2 level distribution channel i.e. Manufacture -> Distributor -> Retailer -> Customer. The distributors receive the products from manufacturers and send them to Mother Dairy booths from where the customers purchase the goods as and when needed. The products produced by the brand are perishable this they are stored in a good manner in refrigerators and are transported in the same way.

4. Promotion

Promotion includes those activities which inform the customers about a product and its features, as well as promote it. The brand is trying to come up with better promotional ways that enable better communication. Recently, Mother Dairy has also come up with ‘Tweet to Farmer’ campaign where we thank them for giving us. Some specific products such as ice creams are also advertised largely on TV commercials. They also promote environment-friendly themes for promoting and selling their products. 

Written by - Hunnar Kaushal

Edited by - Chhavi Gupta

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