Series of Unfortunate Events in Lebanon

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Lebanon was already facing threat and internal crisis since last year. On 4th august 2020 the most massive and destructive accidental explosion took place in Beirut the capital.

The country has been suffering and burning at its peak now due to accumulation of unfortunate events in addition to the pandemic the common people are living hopeless life and are broken from inside.

The series of unfortunate events in Lebanon are followed according to the timeline


Before the Explosion

The situation of the country was worsening due to the corona virus outbreak. The country was facing threat in different areas like economic, political, financial and health.

Since 2019, approximately ten thousand people have taken to streets when the Lebanese pound’s value started crashing due to government’s corruption and the mismanagement of the debts on the country.

This economic crisis increased the inflation rate, since then the prices of basic amenity have risen. This impacted the common people and blew the country’s 45%polulation below poverty line and approx. 33% was unemployed. People were struggling to attain food and health security.

There was a constant protest in the country. Though due to the pandemic the country had lockdown, that in turn acted as barrier to these daily protests, though the economic situation remained same.

All these problems collectively speak about the failure of government machinery. Since then the discontent has been brewing in Lebanese.


The Explosion

On 4th of august a powerful explosion in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut made the city completely wrecked and dead.This catastrophic disaster led to death of 200 people, more than 6000 are badly injured and approx. 300,000 are homeless now.

The blast caused deep psychological, physical, emotional scars to many. This is a fatal wound on the status off humanitarian crisis which was already worsening in 2020.

The cause behind the explosion was unsafely storage of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate at a warehouse in the port for 6 years. It is used as agricultural fertilizer or can be used for explosives too. Hence the immediate cause was blamed to the negligent storage.

According to a recent finding by Reuters it is discovered that the Lebanon leaders were warned in July about the stored explosives in Beirut’s port and could destroy the capital if exploded by Lebanon security but no one acted to remove it.

However, after analyzing all the basic facts that are in public domain it is yet to come to light that the situation was supposedly an accident or a planned terrorist attack.


Protests for Change

There was a gathering of thousands of people in Beirut’s main square blaming the politicians for their neglectfulness. They hold an anti-government protest for 4 days after the explosion.

The gathering at Martyrs Square and outside the parliament building and government headquarters came amid popular anger against Lebanon’s leadership.

The country’s ruling class, made up mostly of former civil war-era leaders, is blamed for widespread corruption, incompetence and mismanagement that contribute in the catastrophic blast.

The protest came to a violent turn that resulted where the army issued statement for reminding the protesters to act in a peaceful and civilized manner, and refrain from blocking roads and attacking public and private properties.


Political Instability

The flow of international aids from different countries and NGOs is continuous but the most tragic moment that took place was when the government resigned from the position of responsibility.

The prime minister of Lebanon Mr. Hassan Diad announced that country’s government has resigned due to the mounting angerin the masses as they felt incapable to handle the worsening situation of the country.

The protesters accused the government for their dirty game. This was followed by downfall of government. The government is criticized by world community for their irresponsibility and also for denying to act as caretaker government till the next elections.


A Ray of Hope

Lebanon is now an orphanage who has lost his parents that is the government. History provide vivid evidence that a broken, chaotic and crisis facing country is often taken up by a dictator.

Though comparing the situation of Germany which was facing crisis and war that led to rise of Hitler would not be fair. Because circumstances are different, hence the parameter would differ the comparative outcome.

Though the situation in Lebanon may give rise to a benevolent authoritarian who holds the power of bringing hope and positivity in the hearts of Lebanese and lead the revival of the country.

This is a crucial time when the country needs someone who can take concrete and bold steps in favor of the country and its citizen, and not someone who is elected as it will be chaotic, as country is already into pieces.

In my view, United Nation which seems as fair organization to take over the situation should not interfere directly into the matter, as the political interference of UN has left country’s like Libya into eternal conflict zone

As we all know that UN’s decision is determined by the superpower there who may use this as an opportunity. Also, UN as an international body fails to take hardcore and immediate steps for the country. Hence it would be wiser to think that a determined and benevolent leader take’s over the country and works for the good of Lebanon.



Written by - Shalaka Pathak

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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